Disney Speedstorm is Completely Free

Disney Speedstorm is Completely Free

Disney Speedstorm is Completely Free

The expected announcement has been made for Disney Speedstorm , which is in the action racing category and developed by Gameloft . In the statement made by the company, it was announced when the game will be removed from early access. Aside from removing the game from early access, an important decision for the game was also announced.

Considering this decision, Disney Speedstorm will become a free-to-play game. So when will we meet the final version of the game?

When Will Disney Speedstorm Be Available?

Yagım was first published on Steam in April and took its place on the platform.

It was released in April, but at the first stage we saw that the game was offered as early access. It has been announced when the game, which remained in early access for a long time with a price of 299 TL , will finally be released from early access.

According to the statement, the game will be out of early access as of September 28 . It was announced that the game will become free to play as soon as it exits early access. We should point out that the game will be made completely free to play for both consoles and the PC world.

The game will be completely free, but there will also be in-game purchases and paid content. Additional characters, additional items and rich gift content are expected to be offered to players who have paid money for the game so far.

Considering that the competition between games is increasing, we can say that it is logical to make Disney Speedstorm a free-to-play game. Will Gameloft continue with similar moves? This is important. For those who are curious, let’s add the Steam link of the game right here.

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