Do I need to pre-order MW3 to play the beta?

Do I need to pre-order MW3 to play the beta?

The MW3 beta will release on October 6, 2023, giving eager players their first opportunity to try out the game hands-on. The presentation of Call of Duty NEXT has fans going wild as what was shown looks very promising. The correspondence regarding who could participate in the beta and who couldn’t was a bit confusing. With that in mind, let me answer the question: do you need to pre-order MW3 to play the beta?


Do I need to pre-order MW3 to play the beta?

Luckily, you can take part in the beta even without pre-ordering. The beta consists of several parts, so you may have to wait your turn depending on what system you’re playing on.

Dates for PlayStation owners

PlayStation owners can be the first to get the beta. Players who pre-order MW3 will receive a code to participate in the Early Access Beta. These players will be able to play from  Friday, October 6th through Saturday, October 7th  .


You can access the open beta if you use PlayStation, even if you haven’t pre-ordered it. The open beta will run from  Sunday, October 8th to Tuesday, October 10th  .

Crossplay beta dates

If you’re an Xbox and PC gamer, don’t despair: next weekend is for you. You can join the Early Access beta if you pre-ordered on these platforms and have a code. The cross-play Early Access beta will run from  Thursday, October 12th to Friday, October 13th  .

Players without a pre-order can still participate in the open beta. The cross-play open beta will run from  Saturday, October 14th to Monday, October 16th  .


What can I expect from the MW3 beta?

The beta offers a limited selection of weapons, killstreaks, and game modes. Starting with MW2, you can get used to the new movement and gunplay mechanics. MW3 differs from MW2 due to the increased health of players.

If you can’t participate, don’t worry about falling behind, as  any progress you make in the beta won’t carry over  to the full version. This is confirmed on the official Call of Duty blog. Some players will likely be upset by this news, but it means there will be a level playing field at launch.

When can I play MW3 if I miss the beta dates?

Unless something dramatic happens, you won’t be able to play again until the official launch on November 8th. At this point, everyone will be able to play together regardless of platform.

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