EA Games Ended FIFA Games

EA Games Ended FIFA Games

EA Games Ended FIFA Games

The FIFA series has a long history. The end of the FIFA series, in which we have seen countless games so far, came with FIFA 23 . EA Games ended the series due to licensing agreements and announced the FC24 game.

We will see that the game, for which pre-orders have recently been opened, will be on sale as of September 29 . In light of all these developments, we knew that the new game would start a new era, but it seems that EA Games acted a little faster. The company removed old games from every platform before the new game was released.

FIFA Series Not Available on Gaming Platforms

With the decision, we saw that existing FIFA games were removed from console and PC gaming platforms. When players entered the Steam page of the current production FIFA 23 series , they were faced with a message saying “Due to publisher request, the content will no longer be displayed in searches or in the store.”

Thus, we saw the end of another era. FIFA productions will no longer be available on all platforms. Instead, we will see new games under the name FC. Let us remind you again that the first game of the new era, FC24, will be released on September 29 .

There is no problem that will affect the gameplay of existing games. It is not possible to purchase the games right now, but users who own the games can still connect to the servers and there seems to be no problem in terms of gameplay. We do not know if EA Games will make another decision.

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