Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Ancient Dragon Forging Stone Location

Elden Ring: Ancient Dragon Forging Stone Location

Want to take your regular weapon to the +25 level cap in Elden Ring? The Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone is your ticket to invincible power in the Lands Between. However, they are as rare as they are fantastic in name and design. That’s why this guide will show you the Ancient Dragon Forging Stone locations in Elden Ring.


Of course, you can increase your weapon’s damage by increasing your stats or experimenting with talismans and spells. But none of them can compare with the destructive power of weapons enhanced by the coveted Ancient Dragon Forge Stone. So, without further ado, let’s get to the hunt!

Where to find Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone in Elden Ring

There are various sources of Elden Ring Ancient Dragon Forging Stone. More precisely, you will find thirteen parts of it throughout the Lands Between. Some of them can be obtained by completing NPC quest lines, while others are rewards for defeating formidable enemies. You can even find some of them as loot from corpses.


I’ve listed where to find each of them right below:

Nefelli Lou Side Quest

Most likely, the first Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone you’ll find is the stone from the Nephelli Lu side quest. However, you can easily ruin the quest chain and permanently deprive yourself of the opportunity to obtain a rare gem.

Nefelli Lu’s quest line is quite long though; In short, the point of no return is when Seluvis asks us to feed the two-axe barbarian a potion and turn her into a puppet. To avoid this, you can inform Gideon of the situation and he will store the item for you; Alternatively, you can ask the Dung Eater to drink the mixture.


Other than that, the quest goes smoothly as you will only need to obtain the Stormhawk King’s key item from the Chapel of Waiting. Apart from this, the quest also requires you to clear Fort Haight of demihumans. After this, Nefelli will move to the Throne Room of Stormvale Castle and give you the Ancient Dragon Forging Stone.

 Note. To complete the quest,  players must defeat Morgott in Laindell, the royal capital.

Death Root for Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

Few Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones are associated with NPC quest chains, and this one can be obtained by feeding Gurrank, the Beast Cleric, the ninth and final Root of Death in the Sanctuary of Beasts. You can start his side quest if you talk to D, Hunter of the Dead in the Round Table Hold.


Alternatively, if you’re not interested in a Faith-based build and don’t want to go through the quest chain, you can kill Gurrank outright. In doing so, it will drop a rare Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

You can also resort to killing him for the magic stone if you fed him the fifth Death Root right after the fourth. You should avoid this because Gurrank does not give out a reward for it, as the NPC should become hostile between receiving the fourth and fifth Root of Death. In short, the fifth is wasted and will count as one less in this scenario.

Side with the witch hunter Jerren

The main dilemma you’ll face at the end of Sorceress Sellen’s quest is whether to help your teacher or team up with the witch hunter Jerren near the Great Library of Raya Lucaria. While this is entirely up to you, the advantage of the latter option is the Ancient Dragon Forging Stone.

If you’re using witchcraft spells on your first playthrough, I recommend helping Sellen. However, from an RPG perspective, Sellen’s intentions are not entirely pure once you get to know her, and there is a good reason to help Jerren and acquire the Supreme Forging Stone.


Gatekeeper Gostock

Gostock is an old eccentric who looks after the main gate of Stormvale Castle. The NPC’s disgruntled attitude will get on your nerves, and knowing that he’s locking you in with a strong enemy and stealing some of your runes will give you every reason to kill him.

But Gostock is worth keeping on hand; After purchasing the Ancient Dragon Nephelli’s forging stone, you can buy another one from him. The NPC can be found next to Nefelli and Kenneth Haight in the Throne Room and he will sell you an item for 20,000 Runes.

Mountain peaks of giants

The Ancient Dragon’s Mountain Peaks Forge Stone can be found inside the mouth of a giant skull, southeast of the Church of Repose. You can access the Giant Peaks by operating Rold’s Great Lift after defeating Morgott in Laindell, the Royal Capital.

Blessed Snow Field

The first Ancient Dragon of the Hallowed Snowfield Forge Stone can be found on a corpse sitting on the rocky ledge of the frozen waterfall east of the entrance to the Cave of the Lonely. Just know that you will only be able to access the Hallowed Snowfield after you have obtained both halves of Haligtri’s Secret Medallion.

Yellow tunnel Anix

The second Ancient Dragon Forge of the Consecrated Snowfield is located inside the Yeloh-Anix Tunnel. Try heading southwest from the Inner Consecrated Snowfield of Grace to reach the tunnel entrance.

Once inside, continue forward until you can drop down the hole. After that, go forward a little and jump down to the floor below again. Now if you turn your head to the north, you will find a corpse with a golden glow holding this item.


Night’s Cavalry boss fight

There is another Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone in the Hallowed Snowfield. This time you will have to wait for a passing caravan in the southwest in the distance at night near the Inner Consecrated Snow Field of Grace. The caravan is towed by two trolls and escorted by two imposing Night cavalrymen.

Your concern is the Night Cavalry, and defeating the night boss duo will yield an item. It is best to distract one from the other and deal with them separately.

Farum Azula the Dragon: First Encounter

Shortly after arriving at the Falling Farum Azula, the dragon Farum Azula attacks you and ambushes you on the sloping roof of the Colosseum. The enemy uses attacks similar to those of ancient dragons. Successfully killing the beast will drop an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

Collapsing Farum Azula: Temple of the Dragon

You’ll find your next Ancient Dragon Forging Stone where you least expected it. To get to the item, go north of the Dragon Temple Altar and make your way through the floating debris to reach a narrow corridor filled with dragon statues.

At the other end of the corridor there is a spiral staircase that you can climb up. Afterwards, turn south and cross the makeshift column bridge to reach a platform where you can find a Forge Stone on a corpse hanging from a ledge.

Farum Azula Dragon:   Rooftop of the Dragon Temple

Another Ancient Dragon Forging Stone can be obtained by bringing down another Farum Azul dragon. It is located near the roof of the Dragon Temple and is located northeast of the Place of Grace.


However, getting to the huge beast is not easy due to some obstacles. A flock of Warhawks fiercely guards the path leading to the dragon, and to make matters worse, the dragon itself unleashes merciless volleys of red lightning upon spotting you from afar.

Haligtri Mekilı

Haligtri Mekila is the last region where you can find the coveted stone. You will find the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone location north of Haligtri Town on a corpse in front of a statue.

Exit the Place of Grace and go forward into the next building. From the building, continue forward and jump to the next platform with a small wooden bridge leading to a corridor. Beyond this corridor is a corpse guarded by three strong enemies.

Elphael, support of Haligtri

After defeating Loretta, Knight of Haligtri, you’ll see yourself going down a fairly long set of stairs to reach Elphael, Brace of Haligtri. Once you reach the floor, go up to find a chest. Search it to obtain the thirteenth and final Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone in Elden Ring.

Final thoughts

This covers all Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone locations in Elden Ring. We hope you can now easily declare that these gems will become an unstoppable force in the world of Elden Ring. Good luck, Tainted.

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