Elden Ring

Elden Ring, Temple of Eiglay

Elden Ring, Temple of Eiglay

Are you crazy about playing the Elden ring and don’t know properly about what the Elden ring, Temple of Eiglay, is? Then here you will know a complete guide about Elden Ring, Temple of Eiglay.

What’s Elden ring, Temple of Eiglay?

The Elden Ring is an open-world game from FromSoftware and released in 2022. The game takes place in a somewhat real-world look-like interface having lush greenfields to dark volcanic mountains having valleys and lochs. It is available to play on Xbox, Playstation, and Windows as well.

Furthermore, It has several challenges awaiting you to achieve and surprises at the end. The storyline develops gradually as the game progresses as the character learns or unlocks new attacking or combat signatures. This game features an optional multiplayer mode as well where you can add friends and play with them while achieving side quests or group tasks or even fighting against each other creating clans.

Location of Temple of Eiglay

Temple of Eiglay, a colossal residing in its ruined state depicting that once it would have been its greatest might in the Elden Ring. It is located within the premises of Volcano Manor. It had beautiful majestic halls and steep slides on its front elevation but now it is just covered with ash from Volcano Manor.

Complete Guide: How to play Elden ring, Temple of Eiglay?

  • Fire Giants

The Temple of Eiglay once was Ziggurat, now nothing but a crumbling structure of ancient history. This temple was once ruled and governed by fire giants who engineered this marvel and then protected it till its downfall. Once it was abandoned by the Fire Giants, malevolent forces took over the darkened alleyways and dungeons.

The tower is itself showcasing its gigantic structure consisting of several pillars and decorated with forged lava. Now it has rivals like remaining fire giants, abductor virgins, and Man-Serpents who look like some ugly Komodo dragons from real life.

  • Volcano Manor

If anyone seeks access to the Temple of Eiglay, one has to go to Volcano Manor.

Although there are three separate ways to reach there. Quarters are difficult as there are strong bosses to fight and the one is easy.

Moreover, the Temple of Eiglay is currently not owned by any of the bosses, there are several monstrous creatures ready to engulf you in fire or lava as you approach the area. But, every player would love to unfold layers of secrets hidden in that barren destructive structure. Reaching The Temple of Eiglay is a mighty feat and no child’s play.

On its journey, you will have to shed blood and wipe off sweat and tears as the journey goes on, you will have to use the best skills that you learned over time and unlock more skills to rule the Elden Ring. Your character will be put up for a test. Any character will have to endure the worst of the monstrous creatures and find secret lores to strengthen the character.

Also, this temple symbolises the great fall of a realm that was once held there. It is necessary to understand that even the mightiest kingdom has to step down if nature decides its fate. Volcano Manor has now raged its magma and allowed it to flow within the hallways which once were the signature of might in the Elden Ring.

  • ErdTree

As you enter the temple, you will be recalled about its connection to its previous ruler that was ErdTree. As you walk down the alleyways, there will be fire giants ready to defend their ancestor’s ruined castles and delve into their lore. As you go past Fire Giants and step down into concealed chambers of ruins, you will start to hear echoes of forgotten rituals as Man-Serpents dance around flames. They are forever dancing in utter unrest and painting a picture of once a thriving pilgrimage of worship. The temple itself is not just a physical task to endure but challenges one’s mental stability and firmness to take over the fallen kingdom and pick up the reins.

Key elements to cross gulf of fire

  1. Skills
  2. Focus
  3. Utter determination

are the key elements to cross the gulf of fire as you walk down the aisle to take over the malevolent forces and be their conquerer and god. The more resilient you are, the more challenges there will be to face and one who comes triumphant will be their saviour and conqueror forever. It’s all psychological how the character molds down the story.

It may look transcendent but it all falls on capabilities and firmness of character, what it is going to unfold and how it molds the story in its favor. One wrong step in a rush and the character will be prey to predators of the ruined kingdom.

Look for unexpected alliances or rivalries that may test your patience, even this temple will let you test your bond with your alliance members of the clan and it will be apparent how tarnished the character is in its actions.

There are adventures, treasure hunts, and tense encounters with enemies but it relies on the actions of a tarnished character who is going on to endure and achieve a feat that no one ever had.

The bottom line

Elden ring, Temple of Eiglay is a horror game people enjoy, but it’s a lil bit difficult for newbie players. But no worries now after this article. Read the whole guide and become a pro.

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