Epic Games Gives Another Ambitious Game for Free

Epic Games Gives Another Ambitious Game for Free

Epic Games Gives Another Ambitious Game for Free

Epic Games has fallen a bit behind with the free games it has given recently . We have seen that a prominent AAA production has not been released on the platform for a few weeks. However, we have gotten used to Epic Games’ ambitious games.

Fortunately, that changed this week. The company is giving away a sensational game for free this week. Let’s take a closer look at the game and the details about the period during which it will be free.

Epic Games’ New Free Game Death Stranding!

As always, this production is given free of charge for a short time. The production, which is free as of May 18, will become paid again after May 25 .

But next week we will be able to get a new game for free. Let’s answer the frequently asked question. When you add the game to your account during this period, the production becomes yours permanently.


Let’s get to our game. The game given this week was Death Stranding . In fact, the production was brought to the agenda a while ago with the Epic Games campaign and was given free of charge. The game was once again offered for free.

You will be able to access the game for free until May 25 . But let’s also point out that it looks like another ambitious production will be released next week. Because the mysterious game visual was used again and the countdown began. Now we will wait and see what kind of game we will encounter next week. Before we forget, let’s add the Epic Games page of the game here .

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