Epic Games Looks Like It Will Make Game Developers Happy With Its New Decision

Epic Games Looks Like It Will Make Game Developers Happy With Its New Decision

Epic Games seems to make game developers happy with its new decision. Epic Games has an important place in the gaming industry. Even though this is the case, Steam, the company’s rival, has more users than Epic Games . We usually know Epic Games with the free games it gives and Fortnite. Even though the company gives free games, it makes a lot of money from these games.

They explained this loss with a table last year. Although the money the company earns from Fortnite is high, the loss seems to be high due to the games it gives away for free. In the company’s store, sales are not going very well. That’s why Epic Games made a decision that will make game developers happy.

Epic Games Will Make Game Developers Happy with Its New Decision

Epic Games announced that they launched a new program the other day. The company calls this program Epic First Run Program. This program seems to please mostly third-party game developers. In this program, if a third-party game developer releases his game exclusively for Epic Games , all the profit goes to him. This process will continue for six months. After six months, the company will return to the old order. In the old order, game developers received 88 percent share. Epic Games was getting a 12 percent share.

With this program , Epic Games will no longer receive any shares for six months. Epic Games seems to be trying to catch up with its rival Steam, thanks to this program and special games. In addition, the developer of the game will be able to publish his game in another store after keeping it in Epic Games for six months . In addition, this program will support developers of all sizes. Games from developers participating in this program will be prominently featured on Epic Games ‘ store page.
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