Error FC 24 Drop-in not working – how to fix it

Error FC 24 Drop-in not working - how to fix it

An additional feature of EA Sports FC 24 is a feature that allows you to quickly find and join online matches with other players. In unranked matches, players are randomly assigned to teams. This sounds great in theory, but in practice many players had trouble joining the game. Here’s how to fix the “FC 24 module doesn’t work” error in Clubs mode.


The best solution for the error “FC 24 Pro Clubs module does not work”

The best way to fix EA FC 24 paste error is to use standard symbols , as custom symbols can cause problems for some reason. To go back to the preset player, go to the My Pro option and edit the player back to its original value. For some reason, players with customized characters are having difficulty finding matches, even though there are more than enough players online.

Other solutions to the problem with the FC 24 Clubs mode.

If reverting to the preset soccer/soccer players doesn’t work, you still have a few quick-fix options before giving up and waiting for the official EA Sports FC 24 update :

  • Restart the game.
  • Disable cross-platform play in FC 24 settings.
  • Try connecting when there are fewer players on the servers.
  • Explore the FC 24 Trello board for potential solutions.
  • Reinstall EA FC 24.

If all else fails, focus on single player modes, play couch co-op with friends, and learn more about the best FC 24 team compositions and tactics. This way, you’ll be ready for online matches where you need to be at the top of your game. I hope this FC 24 Drop-in not working bug gets fixed quickly as I really enjoy playing online with my character.

For more information about football, see the article “The best game of FC 24”. Sliders & Settings in professional gaming guides.

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