Escape from Tarkov: What does the purple name mean?

Escape from Tarkov: What does the purple name mean?

The world of Escape from Tarkov is constantly evolving. And while most major changes are made through updates or patches, other changes sometimes go unnoticed. The latter may happen to those who have recently come across a player with a purple name. These people are unique, but why? What does the purple name mean ?

What does the purple name mean in Escape from Tarkov?

A purple name in Escape from Tarkov is given to each of the game’s emissaries. Each Emissary was chosen to represent both Battlestate Games and the community of their region. Emissaries are given a purple name and a globe icon to indicate their status among players.

Emissaries are increasingly common in Escape from Tarkov, and for good reason. After communicating directly with the community, Battlestate Games selects a select few users to help the developers connect with players. The goal is to have at least two emissaries for each region, and interested players can apply to become an emissary on the official Escape from Tarkov forum.

Of course, several requirements must be met. Emissaries must remain active in the community and are encouraged to help other players interact with each other. They may also be tasked with translating news into their language and acting as a spokesperson for gaming media. All this work will be especially useful when the next wipe comes.

Blue, yellow and green nicknames in Tarkov

Emissaries aren’t the only Escape from Tarkov players with unique name colors. The blue name represents a member of the BattleState Games team, perhaps even one of the developers. They are the ones responsible for making sure everything works. Green names , on the other hand, are Sherpas. These are the players who stick around and help new players understand how the game works. Finally, the yellow names are administrators.

Essentially, a player with a purple name in Escape from Tarkov is an emissary representing your region. They help build relationships in the local community and help developers on a voluntary basis. Their job is to help make the game better.

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