Escape From Tarkov wipe: when will the next full reboot happen?

Escape from Tarkov is set in an alternate universe around modern times, in the fictional Russian city of Tarkov, the country’s northern industrial and financial center, and its suburbs. The events of the game, in turn, set the background for the Russia 2028 universe. The city of Tarkov finds itself embroiled in a bitter war between two private military companies, caused by the illegal activities of the transnational corporation Terra Group. For reasons still unknown, the situation in the city quickly got out of control, and the local population was evacuated. The only ones left were either private military contractors, local wildcat fighters, or shadow characters of unknown origin and citizenship.

Escape From Tarkov is a dark, hardcore shooter that will have you fiercely protecting your gear. From Kappa containers to the M4 assault rifle , every item you own in the game comes with a price. But don’t get too attached, because every now and then Battlestate Games will erase everyone’s progress, giving you – and your character – a new lease of life.

However, the erasure of Escape from Tarkov is usually shrouded in mystery, and Battlestate Games is leaving much of its player base in the dark about when this erasure will occur. We know that the wipe happens in conjunction with major updates that come out every six months or so, but other than that, we don’t know much about the process.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. While some players may not like the wipe, starting Escape From Tarkov from scratch can be quite fun, especially if you’ve been down for a couple of weeks and are behind schedule.

When exactly will the next Escape From Tarkov wipe take place? Read on to find out.

When will the next wipe in Tarkov be?

This is the question on everyone’s lips right now: when will the next Escape From Tarkov wipe happen? It may happen sooner than you think, or it may not. The problem is that accurate information is never available.

Typically, wipes in Escape From Tarkov occur systematically, once every six months , after a large major patch. Upcoming wipes are announced in advance, some time before the patch is released, in preliminary patch notes. If there is no such information, then the latest patch will not be burdened with a wipe.

It is best to follow the latest news regarding wipes on Facebook , Twitter , VKontakte or the official forum . The latter is best suited for searching for information, since there you can also read rumors and opinions, which are sometimes true.

What happens during a wipe in Escape From Tarkov?

A wipe in Tarkov is essentially a complete reboot of the game. All achievements, skills, inventory, missions and statistics are erased.

These cleanses usually happen every six months or so, usually on a Thursday.

If you’ve never played Escape From Tarkov before or dropped out halfway through the latest update, then a fresh wipe is the perfect time to play. Everyone is on a level playing field when it comes to loot, giving you—and your friends—the best chance of surviving customs, traffic stops, and more.

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