FFXIV: How to catch animals from the island sanctuary 6.5

FFXIV: How to catch animals from the island sanctuary 6.5

The Island Sanctuary updates introduce several new animals that you can catch and pen on your island. What can we capture, what do we need, what place and time of day? Here’s how to catch the animals from 6.5 Island Sanctuary in FFXIV.


Island Sanctuary Update 6.5: New Animals and How to Catch Them

Version 6.5 adds four new animals to capture: a full-size morball as stated in the patch notes, a pteranodon, an adamantoise, and a grand doblin. Each of them is caught using temporary or flawless sleeping pills, with the latter being a guaranteed chance of capture. Makeshift Soporific requires two Island Wash, one Island Sap, and one Island Jellyfish, while Flawless requires 25 each: Island Alyssum, Island Jellyfish, Island Hawkeye Sand, Island Hammerhead, and Island Cave Shrimp. Each of the new mobs is unique, meaning only one appears in each window, so it may be worth the effort to create a flawless sleeping pill.

In addition, you will find each of them according to the following requirements:

  • Morball:  Showers from 21:00 to 12:00 (28, 24), between Coral Sands and Peak Point.
  • Pteranodon:  Clear Skies, 9:00–12:00 (25, 16), on top of a mountain peak.
  • Adamantoise:  Fog, 12:00–15:00, (32, 12), near Rocky Reef.
  • Grand Dobyln:  Beautiful skies, 3-6 am (23, 21), inside a cave system.

Please note that this is server time, not real life time. You can check the time in Eorzea by customizing the clock UI. Press Escape and go to Character Configuration, UI Settings, then the HUD tab and check Eorzea Time under Clock Type. Besides this, you need to wait for the weather and time to line up and be ready. Pay close attention to the in-game weather forecast. Inside the Island Sanctuary, they change every four hours, but you might still be waiting hours for some of them to appear. We wish you good luck in hunting all the animals of the 6.5 Island Sanctuary!

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