FFXIV: How to unlock custom Margrat deliveries

FFXIV: How to unlock custom Margrat deliveries

The FFXIV 6.5 update is coming with the Custom Delivery patch, which means we’re once again going to help someone in need level up our crafters and gatherers for purple and white certificates. Since Endwalker fell, we’ve helped Amelian herself and literally a ton of leaves, so who else could possibly need our help? This time we are again helping charlayans solve their problems. Here’s how to unlock Margrat’s custom deliveries in FFXIV.


FFXIV Magrat Custom Delivery – starting location and NPC

We returned from our brief foray back to Il-Mheg with the latest questline, “Special Delivery”, and instead returned to the current storylines. This quest “Individual Supplies” begins in Old Sharlayan with Teopauldin at (13.8, 15.0) with “Own Request”. These coordinates are located near Ethereal Scholar’s Harbor, near where you arrived at Sharlayan from Limsa Lominsa.

You may or may not remember Theopauldin slightly from the base quests of the main Endwalker scenario. He appeared during the level 88 quest chain in Labyrinthos. He’s the head of the Labyrinthos explorers, and now he’s back for another quest line! Talking to him will start the Special Delivery quest chain and direct you to your next objective. Prepare for a quest chain not about a human-turned-fae rediscovering his identity like the last time, but about an even worse horror than faerie magic: the working conditions of academia.


However, keep in mind that the requirements for unlocking the quest this time are different from usual. To unlock Margrat’s special deliveries, you will need to complete the main storyline of Update 6.4, specifically the “Go Haam” quest. Otherwise, Theopauldin will not appear in the Harbor, and you will not be able to complete a new round of custom deliveries yet. So be sure to complete the main scenario quests before you begin improving Sharlayan’s horrendous working conditions!

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