FIFA 23 is Free! Valid for Short Term

FIFA 23 is Free! Valid for Short Term

FIFA 23 is Free! Valid for Short T

I never thought I’d make a news headline about FIFA 23 being free . Because once upon a time, we would wait months even to see a discount on the FIFA series. The series’ availability on the Steam platform provided us with good news at this point. Here again, it was Steam that made it possible to try the game for free.

A discount campaign for the game had already started last week. While this campaign continues, we will be able to try the game for free.

FIFA 23 is Free but Has a Time Limit

The good news is that you will be able to try the game. It would be nice to try the game before purchasing because there are many users complaining about optimization problems in the new game. At this point, it will be a nice plus for you to try the game first and then decide whether to buy it.

The bad news is that the game’s trial period is very short. We see that the game is made free of charge as a weekend event. It will be possible to try the game for free for 3 days from today .

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After December 19 , the production will become paid again. Let us also remind you that the discount for the game continues during this period. The discount on Steam is around 60% and the price of the game has dropped to around 280 TL . The discount will continue until December 22.

By the way, I would like to remind you that the discount is not only valid for the PC version. The discount also applies to consoles. This is probably an attempt to increase interest in the game after optimization complaints. But of course, the updates of the production continue. EA Games will fix the identified problems.

I’m adding the Steam page of the game right here . You can examine the game in detail during the FIFA 23 free trial period.

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