Find a way out of the tunnels. Which way? (Cyberpunk Phantom Freedom)

Find a way out of the tunnels. Which way? (Cyberpunk Phantom Freedom)

During the quest “Lucretia is My Reflection” in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, you will escort the President of NUSA out of the subway tunnel. At some point, the tunnels will diverge and you will be given the opportunity to choose a path. After going through both paths, I will let you know which one to choose.


Find a way out of the tunnels – Lucretia, walkthrough “My Reflection” (Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty)

When you reach the fork in the subway tunnel, take the path on the left as it hides you and you’ll find more loot on the way out. . Go down the train tracks and crouch through the pipes (second image). Once out of the container, activate the forklift (third image) to unlock the service tunnel. Collect all the useful items and cross the tunnel to reach the exit.

The right path is a little more difficult and involves two cameras that you can disable by shooting or hacking to stay hidden. The door on this path can only be unlocked if you have the maximum number of Body or Technical Ability attributes. If not, you will have to go through the tunnel on the right (first image). To access it, go back and close the valve I showed in the second picture. Climb up the woodpile to find the path to the valve (third image). Once the valve closes, you can walk through it safely. Be sure to grab all the useful items from the control room at the end, including the Kappa smart gun.

Spoilers : If you are scanned by cameras, a small group of enemies will chase you later in the story after you meet Solomon Reed. Use the left path to find your way out of the tunnels and avoid any problems.

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