Fix Blast Zone error in Starfield

Fix Blast Zone error in Starfield

Fix Blast Zone error in Starfield

The goal of Starfield is to explore the vast expanses of space. Sometimes you just enjoy that freedom. You go wherever you want, do whatever is convenient for you. Other times, the more narrative focus feels like a nice change of pace. But a glitched mission can get in the way of the fun, as happens to some people when they try to complete the Blast Zone side mission. Here is our guide telling you how to fix the Blast Zone error in Starfield.


Star field – how to fix Blast Zone error

In  the city of Aquila,  you will meet many characters offering side quests. One of these characters,  Ngodup Tate  , will sell you a house or two if you have loans. He also offers the side quest  “Blast Zone”  . The goal is to help him clear some  Hard Rock boulders  from his territory. Unfortunately, the stone does not always appear. To fix the Blast Zone error, you may have to perform a remote deferment.

Fix Blast Zone error in Starfield

When I first accepted the Blast Zone quest, I immediately decided that I had better things to do than clear the rock. When I later returned to complete the quest, the blue quest markers showed me where the stone should be. However, the stone itself was nowhere to be seen. I tried to use  the Cutter  to chip away at the stone I saw, but it was clear that something was missing. I couldn’t make any progress.

Fix Blast Zone error in Starfield

For some reason, the stone sometimes doesn’t appear where it should. See screenshot above. If you try to complete the quest and run into this problem, there is a solution: fast travel to  Venus  in  the solar  system (which is near Alpha Centauri on the star map).

Once you arrive on Venus, sleep for a while aboard your ship. I slept a full 24 hours. When you fall asleep and wake up, the game should automatically save.

After you’ve gotten some sleep, quickly head back to Aquila City. Go back to where the stone was previously invisible. For reasons that are unclear, Hard Rock deposits are now expected to appear.


When the hardwood deposits finally appear, you can remove them using  a cutter  . When you remove the last one, contact Tate again. Tell him about your progress and you will receive a reward:  5800 credits  and  57 experience points  .

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