Forza Motorsport PC System Requirements

Forza Motorsport PC System Requirements

For racing game fans, the highly anticipated release of Forza Motorsport for PC and Xbox Series X/S  is just around the corner   . Gamers are looking forward to exciting experiences from  Forza Motorsport’s vast collection of cars. However, before you can start playing virtual tracks, it is important to make sure that your computer meets the system requirements needed to run the game smoothly. Below are the Forza Motorsport  PC system requirements  to run the game.

Forza Motorsport PC System Requirements

Here are the official system requirements to run the game on your PC:

Minimum Specifications

  • OS  : Windows 10
  • Processor  : Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • GPU  : Nvidia GTX 1060 | AMD RX 5500XT
  • RAM  : 8 GB RAM
  • Storage  : 130 GB of free space.
  • OS  : Windows 10
  • Processor  : Intel i5-11600k | AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
  • GPU  : Nvidia RTX 2080 TI | AMD RX 6800XT
  • RAM  : 16 GB RAM
  • Storage  : 130 GB of free space.

These specifications provide gamers with a clear path to evaluate the performance of their computers and make the necessary upgrades. It’s important to note that while the minimum requirements will allow you to run the game, the recommended requirements are designed to provide an optimal gaming experience with higher graphical fidelity and smoother frame rates.


How to check your computer’s specs

If you’re unsure about your computer’s specs or want to check if it meets   Forza Motorsport requirements  , you can easily check the information you need by following these simple steps:

  • Press   Windows key + R   to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type ”  dxdiag  ” and press Enter.
  • The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open    .

The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will provide you with complete information about your computer’s operating system, processor, and memory. Make a note of these specs for reference when comparing them to the   Forza Motorsport system requirements  .

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