Full FC 24 PlayStyles list

Full FC 24 PlayStyles list
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The FC 24 PlayStyles list introduces the biggest change to the gameplay of the series once known as FIFA in years. EA Sports FC 24 adds 34 of these special abilities, which work like Madden 24 X-Factors. Below, we explain from A to Z what each one does. Those with the PlayStyle+ perk get even more events in that specific category. Have our FC 24 skill moves and FC 24 celebration guides ready to use once you’ve mastered the FC 24 PlayStyles list.

Full list of FC 24 Playstyles

  • Acrobatic (Physical): Improved accuracy and acrobatic volley animations in volley shots.
  • Air (Physical): Higher jumps and improved air presence.
  • Anticipate (Defense): Increased chance of success in standing tackles and ability to stop the ball while tackling.
  • Block (Defense): More reach when blocking and more chances of successful blocks.
  • Bruiser (Defense): More power when making physical tackles.
  • Chip Shot (Score): Makes chip shots faster and more accurately.
  • Cross Claimer (Goalkeeper): Tries to accept crosses before the opponent.
  • Set Ball (Score): Set balls are sent with higher speed, arc and accuracy. The ball preview line is longer.
  • Long Throw-in (Goalkeeper): Targets farther players with passes.
  • Finesse Shot (Score): Fires finesse shots faster with more arc and improved accuracy.
  • First Touch (Ball Control): Less mistakes when handling the ball and faster transition to dribbling.
  • Sharp Passing: More accuracy in through passes, more arc in dribbling passes and more speed in Precision Passes.
  • Interception (Defence): More reach and more chances to gain possession of the ball through interceptions.
  • Long Reach (Goalkeeper): More effective in saving shots from outside the penalty area.
  • Flair (Ball Control): Accuracy increased for fancy passes and shots. Ability animations where appropriate.
  • Footwork (Goalkeeper): Makes saves with feet more often, which means more close-range saves.
  • Jockey (Defense): Sprint Jockey’s maximum speed has been increased and passing speed has been improved.
  • Long Ball Passing (Passing): Lob and aerial balls are faster, more accurate and harder to cut.
  • Long Throw-In (Physical): Performs throw-ins with greater power and distance.
  • Ping Pass: Passes move faster without affecting the receiver’s difficulty in catching.
  • Powerful Headshot (Number): Makes more powerful and accurate headshots.
  • Power Shot (Score): Performs power shots faster and at a higher speed.
  • Press Proven (Ball Control): Close control and powerful shielding abilities while dribbling at running speed.
  • Fast Reflexes (Goalkeeper): Reflexes and reactions for shots inside the penalty area increase.
  • Quick Step (Physical): Accelerates faster during Explosive Sprint.
  • Rapid (Ball Control): Higher sprint speed and less chance of making mistakes while dribbling.
  • Relentless (Ball Control): Less fatigue loss and more recovery after halftime.
  • Rush Out (Goalkeeper): Going out more aggressively for overhead or through balls.
  • Slide Tackle (Defense): While slide tackling, he stops the balls directly on his feet.
  • Technique (Ball Control): Higher speed in Controlled Sprints and greater precision in wide turns when dribbling.
  • Tiki Taka (Passing): Makes difficult passes accurately the first time and uses his back heels when appropriate.
  • Trickster (Ball Control): Can perform unique skill moves.
  • Trivela (Physical): Uses out-of-foot passes with fewer errors.
  • Scrambled Passing: Passes are accurate, move faster and with extra arc.
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