Gameplay Video Arrived for The Callisto Protocol

Gameplay Video Arrived for The Callisto Protocol

Gameplay Video Arrived for The Callisto Protocol

I have good news for those who like horror games. A very ambitious game is coming for you. The Callisto Protocol is getting closer step by step.

We saw that the game, whose pre-orders were opened recently, also showed bots at Sumer Game Fest 22 . This time, a gameplay video consisting of in-game footage has been released. Let’s see what kind of game we expect based on this video.

The Callisto Protocol Will Highlight Its Horror Aspect

First, let’s talk briefly about the story of the game. It has an environment and operation similar to the Dead Space series. According to the story, we are in a special prison located on the moon of Jupiter.

We fell into prison as a victim of fate, but unfortunately the prisoners started to turn into monsters . 🙂 Suddenly the prison is in chaos and we are trying to survive and escape in this environment.

Let’s face it, it’s not a fun topic. We see this clearly in the gameplay video. It’s a game full of very dark scenes.

If I have to say it myself, I don’t like games filled with such dark scenes. It’s hard to pick out the details, it’s hard to play, and most importantly, it creates tension. Well, isn’t that the point of a horror game? Yes it is.

For this reason, there will be horror game fans who will find all this dark structure in the game, the monsters appearing from left and right, normal and will love the gameplay structure.

Let us also remind you that the game, which is currently in the pre-order phase, will be released on December 2, 2022 , and let us leave you with the gameplay video.

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