Gameplay Video Released for FIFA’s New Rival UFL

Gameplay Video Released for FIFA's New Rival UFL

Gameplay Video Released for FIFA’s New Rival UFL

The new free football game UFL , which will be an alternative to the FIFA and PES series , continues to be developed quietly. Some posts were shared about the models that will take part in the latest game. Now, the UFL gameplay video has been released.

It is important to publish the gameplay video because there are important details about the game in the published gameplay video. We also understand what kind of atmosphere to present.

Gameplay Video for Free Football Game UFL!

We can say that the over 8-minute gameplay video covers exactly one match. When we evaluate the video, we can say that it is really ambitious for a free game.

Whether it can rival the FIFA series is a question mark, but it is certain that the game has reached a certain point. We can say that a realistic structure is presented, especially in on-field matches. Of course, there are missing points. Dribbling effects are a bit weak. Also, animations and transitions are a bit fast.

Although the football player modeling is not very successful, it is not bad. The biggest problem is that the game is missing licenses. The production, which will be presented without many licenses, may not fully meet the needs of football game enthusiasts. Now we will look at that part after the game is released.

By the way, let’s add that there is some information about the UFL release date . The game is expected to be released in 2023. We will see the production on all platforms.

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