Get a stealth operative suit in Starfield

Get a stealth operative suit in Starfield

Let me tell you the truth for a moment: stealth in  Starfield  …  isn’t very good  . If you plan on doing any kind of stealth operations in the game, you’ll need all the help you can get. Unfortunately, there is possibly useful equipment hidden in the Ryujin Industries quest chain. The Operative Stealth Suit can help you with stealth, and here’s how to get it in  Starfield  .


To obtain the Operational Stealth Suit, you will need to make significant progress in Ryujin’s  Starfield quest chain  . A faction member offers it to you before the toughest stealth challenge in the game: the Sabotage mission. Honestly, it’s a cool suit, more like something you’d see in  Crysis  . Either way, if you want to sneak around and look good doing it, this is the suit for you. Presumably.

Get a stealth operative suit in Starfield

Characteristics of an operational stealth suit

An operative’s stealth suit is clothing, not armor. It does not protect well from bullets, but the main thing is not to get hit by a bullet. To properly use it in the Sabotage mission and beyond, I suggest removing all heavy armor. I’ve noticed that enemies detect me much less often when I’m not knocking around in my heavy armor. Who knew? The helmet does nothing but complement the ensemble.


This perk makes you 25% harder for enemies to detect  . Pair it with Reconstim, which reduces traffic noise by 30% for 10 minutes.

Physical resistance 19
Energy resistance 29
Electromagnetic resistance 9
Thermal resistance 0
Corrosion resistance 10
Air resistance 0
Radiation resistance 15
Weight 1.50
Value 675
Privilege Becomes 25% harder to detect

Get a stealth operative suit in Starfield

Does the suit work as advertised?

Stealth in  Starfield  is kind of rubbish. Even with the suit equipped, a point in Stealth  , and  my character chugging Reconstim, I was still caught by the game’s shaky NPC guards. Sometimes they can hear or see you despite your best efforts. However,  I have noticed that I am getting caught less often  . If you think this is good news, then you should work on getting the Stealth Suit in  Starfield  . It’s a shame you got it so late in the quest chain. At least you can still use it for quests on Ryujin’s mission board.

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