Get the Hard Target sniper rifle in Starfield

Get the Hard Target sniper rifle in Starfield

Get the Hard Target sniper rifle in Starfield


As someone who also enjoys sniping enemies from a distance, I found it difficult to purchase the perfect sniper rifle for my  Starfield arsenal. I’ve spent dozens of hours with a modified Beowulf. Luckily, you’ll start to get ballistic sniper rifle variants as you progress through the game. First up, we have the Justifier, which you receive as a reward during the Freestar Collective questline. Another standout achievement is the Hard Target, a sniper rifle that can only be obtained after completing the requirements in  Starfield  .


To get the Hard Target Sniper Rifle, you must be at the correct level in  Starfield  . I finally managed to get one after I reached level 35. Other online players have reported finding this weapon in stores at level 32. Since  Starfield  seems to give out new weapons and rare weapons every five levels, it’s safe to say it’s  challenging. The goal will most likely become available when you reach level 30  or above.

Get the Hard Target sniper rifle in Starfield

Where to get Hard Target – Weapon Statistics

You can purchase Hard Target from weapons dealers for around 20,000 credits  . So far I have found the pistol in  Neon Tactical (in Neon Core) and Centaurion Arsenal (in New Atlantis)  . The latter was equipped with a muffler and a large magazine. If you’re having trouble tracking one of these, try waiting the appropriate 48 hours UT for the seller’s inventory to update.


Default weapon stats

Manufacturer CombaTech
Type Ballistic
Variety Rifle
Damage Physical
Ammunition .50 Caliber
Magazine 5
Rate of fire 25
Range 88
Accuracy 74.5%
Weight 9.15
Value 20,099
Mod slots 7

Get the Hard Target sniper rifle in Starfield

Mods make the Hard Target the best mid-tier sniper rifle.

The Hard Target is the first rifle I’ve found in  Starfield  that allows me to handle it like a real sniper rifle. This is mainly due to the many modifications you can create. The most important of them is perhaps the Long Scope, which increases visibility by 6.5 times. Penetrator rounds go through enemies and increase my weapon’s damage by about 25 points. Of course, you need to unlock the corresponding mod research. Penetrator ammo requires Magazine and Battery Mods 3. It’s worth it.


So far, “Hard Target” is working its way into my heart. A powerful sniper rifle is just what I need to complete my weapon collection, and now things are going great. These astronauts better keep their heads down.

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