Get To Tingel Island Chasm In Zelda: TotK

Get To Tingel Island Chasm In Zelda: TotK

You can enter the Depths through the Tingel Island chasm.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Tingel Island Chasm location

Tingel Island Chasm can be found on Tingel Island, which is the northernmost landmass among a series of small islands situated to the east of Tarrey Town. The precise coordinates for Tingel Island Chasm are 4706, 1306, and 0061.

In order to reach Tingel Island, players should aim for Ulria Grotto. To the east of Ulria Grotto, there’s a bridge that provides access to Davdi Island in Totk, which happens to be the southernmost island within this island chain.

From the depths of Davdi Island, your journey leads you northward, crossing the islands by way of the wooden bridges, until you eventually arrive at Tingel Island. The Tingel Island chasm is nestled within a small crevice in the ground.

What to do in Tingel Island Chasm

Descending from the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Tingel Island Chasm into the Tingel Island Depths is a straightforward process. You simply glide down and safely touch ground with your glider. The chasm lacks lightroots, but the area is well-illuminated, ensuring good visibility.

Tingel Island Depths are distinct from the depths found elsewhere in Hyrule, and there’s no alternate route to reach this location. The sole reason for venturing into the Tingel Island Depths is to obtain the Cap of the Wind helmet in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, guarded by the formidable Phantom Ganon.

After descending into the chasm, head south and navigate the cave system. The layout mirrors the islands above, so your objective is to travel beneath Davdi Island. No adversaries pose obstacles to your progress, but you’ll require Bomb flowers or Rock hammers to clear blocked paths. At the conclusion of the cave system, within the depths, you’ll discover a solitary chest containing the coveted Cap of the Wind. Following this, you can exit the Tingel Island chasm once you’ve secured the helmet.

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