God of War Ragnarok: The Most Powerful Weapon

God of War Ragnarok: The Most Powerful Weapon

The Blades of Chaos are Kratos’ signature weapon from the very first game. Flame-enhanced Blades of Chaos are essential for dealing damage to enemies enhanced by Hel’s Cold, a mechanic that makes enemies invincible unless you remove the buff.


Blades of Chaos specialize in sweeping attacks; they are great for crowd control and keeping multiple enemies at bay. Blades of Chaos can also inflict the burning status on enemies. Combo chains and runes on the Blades of Chaos can be built to have a higher stun rate compared to other weapons, namely the Hyperion Pull and Whip skills. These are great skills for dealing significant damage and stunning single-target enemies, as well as for highlighting high-priority targets.

Blades of Chaos are superior to other weapons in the following aspects:

  • Huge sweeping attacks and runes with an emphasis on faster area attacks compared to the Leviathan Axe. This is a great weapon for fighting multiple enemies at once.
  • The skill set contains attacks that are great for identifying enemies, such as Hyperion’s Pull. Combine it with weapon attachments that enhance it, and you can easily create a stun bar for enemies – both regular and elite mobs.
  • The weapon has a fire-oriented attack, so it can easily create a burning effect. Burning creates a damage over time effect on enemies, and if it is based on inflicting a burning effect, you can continuously damage enemies. This effect can be enhanced by using hex arrows, which require the infliction of elemental ailments to enhance their effect.

How to get Blades of Chaos:

You start with them in God of War Ragnarok!

2. Leviathan Ax

The Leviathan Ax is Kratos’ signature weapon in God of War (2018). Featuring cold-enhanced attacks, the Leviathan Ax is essential for dealing damage to enemies enhanced by Muspelheim’s flames, a mechanic that makes enemies invincible unless you remove the buff.


The Leviathan Ax specializes in powerful attacks that stun enemies; it’s great for dealing damage and damage to a single target. The Leviathan Ax can be thrown as a ranged weapon, and skillful ax juggling allows for a variety of multi-hit combos. The weapon is enhanced by cold, so you can inflict a freeze status on enemies, which slows down their movement and opens them up to the brutal and heavy attacks of the Leviathan Axe. Overall, the Leviathan Ax is a stronger weapon with more damage, but is slower than other weapons.

The Leviathan Ax is superior to other weapons in the following aspects:

  • Powerful attacks with a lot of weight behind each attack. Landing a solid ax combo is always satisfying.
  • The Leviathan Ax is very easy to use, featuring long-range attacks to hit flying enemies, sprint attacks that synergize well with the ax when it’s not in hand, and alternate area-of-effect combo chains.
  • The weapon has a cold effect, which is actually extremely useful as it slows down enemies significantly. While note that the cold effect is not as useful on higher difficulties due to bosses having increased status resistance, it will still be really useful for fighting multiple enemies on all difficulties, making this a very reliable weapon for mastering.

How to get the Leviathan Ax:


You start with them in God of War Ragnarok!

1. Spear of Draupnir

The Spear of Draupnir is Kratos’ new weapon in God of War: Ragnarok. Featuring enhanced wind and sound attacks, Draupnir’s Spear pierces enemies with a matte white health bar, a mechanic that makes enemies invincible unless you remove the buff.

The Spear of Draupnir is a completely different way to play God of War and is arguably the best weapon in the game due to the number of options it allows you to play with. From crowd control by actually impaling the enemy to the ground, to long range spear and detonation combos, to creating tornadoes and spear storms with runic attacks and generally the fastest combo weapon in the game. Draupnir’s Spear has amazing long and short range attack capabilities, fast combos, and massive damage. The spear also has an elemental absorption mechanic that allows it to absorb enemies’ ailments to imbue the weapon. So you can turn the spear into a fire spear, ice spear, poison spear or wind spear, giving you a crazy number of options to choose from.

The Draupnir Spear is superior to other weapons in the following aspects:

  • Fast and Furious Weapon: The weapon excels at dealing single-target damage and chaining combos. This is a very fast weapon with good combos and a mechanic that allows you to explode the spear to stun and damage enemies. Combinations of both melee and ranged combat allow you to impale enemies with endlessly generating spears.
  • Draupnir can fight at all distances: from long-range artillery combat to close-range high-speed attacks; both options work very well. The spear is perhaps Kratos’ best weapon to date, and it is a weapon he can call his own, as it was created in the traditional Spartan sense using his own blood.
  • Draupnir’s flexibility is limitless; the ability to absorb the element makes this weapon the absolute best. Elemental Absorption not only increases damage, but also creates an efficient way to apply elemental statuses to a target in sequence, making it ideal for storing or reapplying status ailments to an enemy.

How to get Draupnir’s Spear:

You need to continue the main story quest until you get to the point where you need to bring Draupnir’s ring, which will then turn into a new weapon.

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