Guide to the Floating Fae Farm Ruins

The Floating Ruins is the second dungeon you’ll encounter in   Faerie Farm  . This is a more challenging task compared to the Sea Mine, but the rewards awaiting you upon completion are invaluable. In this guide, we will provide you with a simple strategy to get through the Floating Ruins in   Fairy Farm   and reach the 25th floor of the dungeon.

How to Unlock Floating Ruins on Faerie Farm?

To unlock the Floating Ruins, you will need to first progress to the fifth chapter of the Faerie Farm main questline   . It is extremely important to help   Mother Fire   open a mysterious portal from Azoria to the Fairy Realm. Once the portal is accessible, you will meet Zido, the portal’s guardian, and Balarandi, a knowledgeable potion merchant.

Balarandi will task you with making potion-making tools, as the insidious Miasma fog in the Floating Ruins requires the use of   sweet breath potions  . Crafted using Steel Clover and Blob-Drop, these potions provide resistance to Poison Mist. After making the necessary preparations, you will finally be able to enter the Floating Mine Ruins and face the challenges ahead.

Guide to the Floating Fae Farm Ruins

Location of the floating ruins on the fairy farm

The Floating Ruins, located on the eastern side of the map, can be accessed through the Elven Village. As you delve deeper into the dungeon, each floor presents new obstacles and treasures. It is important to remain vigilant and adapt to an ever-changing environment. Be sure to collect the two floating pink sparkles on each floor and interact with the statues near the door to advance to the next level.

Floating Ruins Dungeon Seals

Similar to the seals found in the Sea Mines, the Floating Ruins are also equipped with a teleportation system. However, until you make the necessary seals, you will need to collect two magical pink balls that randomly drop to open doors. Let’s look at the seals and the corresponding manufacturing recipes:

Feyrite Seal

  • Located on floors 1-4.
  • Crafting Recipe: Feyrite Ore x4

Hammered Feyrite Seal

  • Located on floors 5-8.
  • Crafting Recipe: Seal of Feyrite x1, Raw Amethyst x8

Engraved Feyrite Seal

  • Located on floors 9-12.
  • Crafting Recipe: Seal of Feyrite x1, Rough Rose Quartz x8

Silver seal

  • Located on the 13th-16th and 16th floors.
  • Crafting Recipe: Silver Ore x4

Hammered Silver Seal

  • Located on floors 17-20.
  • Crafting Recipe: Silver Seal x1, Raw Sapphire x8

Engraved silver seal

  • Located on floors 21-25.
  • Crafting Recipe: Silver Seal x1, Raw Emerald x8

Resources that can be obtained from the Floating Ruins

The floating ruins provide players with abundant resources, including gems and essential crafting materials. Exploring its depths is sure to yield many valuable items. Here are the resources you can find in the Floating Ruins:

  • Stone  : Found on floors 1 to 24.
  • Coal  : Found on floors 1 to 24.
  • Jelly Shade  : Found on floors 1 to 24.
  • Spore Trees  : Can be found on floors 1 to 24.
  • Feyrite Ore  : Found on floors 1–13.
  • Rough Amethyst  : Found on floors 4–11.
  • Spore Grass  : Found on floors 5 to 24.
  • Rough Rose Quartz  : Found on floors 9–15.
  • Silver Ore  : Found on floors 10–24.
  • Rough Sapphire  : Found on floors 15-21.
  • Rough Emerald  : Found on floors 21-24.

Encountering Enemies (Chaos)

Get ready for exciting battles with many unusual enemies in the Floating Ruins. Each enemy has different abilities and attack patterns, requiring you to use strategic battle tactics. Here are the enemies you will face:

  • Eutates    These deceptive statues deal devastating damage. They cleverly camouflage themselves among other statues, making them difficult to detect.
  • Dyer and Skello:   These messes will attack you with broken strings and musical notes.
  • Snapper:   Snappers look like books, but they attack you when you get close to them.
  • Tocker:   Resembling a clock, Tocker attacks with mechanical hands. 

Prepare by crafting health potions and invisibility potions to aid you in resource gathering and combat.

Potions needed to survive in the Floating Ruins

Potions play a vital role in your journey through the Floating Ruins. By using these mixtures, you can increase your chances of survival and overcome upcoming problems. Here are the main potions you should have:

  • Potions of Fine Breath  : These potions provide resistance to Miasma Mist and are crucial to survival in the Floating Ruins.
  • Healing Potion  : Maintain your health by carrying a Healing Potion with you.
  • Vanishing Potions  : By consuming vanishing potions, you can become temporarily invisible.
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