Halo Pelican Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Halo Pelican Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Halo Pelican Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator,  undoubtedly the world’s most realistic aircraft simulation game , is preparing to receive significant improvements in the near future.

Making statements about the game within the scope of Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 , Microsoft announced that the Pelican vehicle from the legendary game series Halo will be added to the production.

Halo Pelican Era for Microsoft Flight Simulator

According to the statement, although it is a fictional aircraft, we will be able to use the Pelican, which we know from the Halo production, in the game. Moreover, the vehicle will be integrated into the game as is.

In other words, all features of the aircraft such as atmospheric flight ability, maneuver capabilities such as vertical take-off, and space flight capabilities will be included in the game.

In fact, in the published video, we see that Halo Pelican goes out of the atmosphere and looks at the world from there.

This was not the only innovation for the game. A date has also been given for the 40th anniversary special edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator . The new DLC package, which will be released in November , will include aircraft that have attracted attention over the 40-year history into the game. We will also see new helicopters and gliders.

Moreover, like Halo Pelican, it will be possible to get this DLC package for free. Thus, the game will become a little more expanded and a little more fun.

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