Haze Piece Fruit Tier List – Top ranked devil fruit!

Haze Piece Fruit Tier List - Top ranked devil fruit!

Are you playing Haze Piece but want to know what are the best fruits to use in One Piece? Use our Haze Piece Fruit Tier Sheet to find out which Devil Fruit is best to use. If you, like me, want the best attacks, this list will help you!

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Tier List of Best Fruits Haze Piece

This guide rounds up the best fruits in Haze Piece so you’ll always know which Devil Fruit is the best to get! The following Haze Piece tier list breaks down all currently available fruits into tiers:

  • S-Tier: Super
  • A-Tier: Best
  • B-Tier: Good
  • C-tier: Intermediate
  • D-tier: Below average

Best Devilfruit in Haze Piece

Haze Piece S-Tier Fruits

  • Darkness
  • Magma
  • Phoenix

Haze Piece A-Tier Fruits

  • Rubber
  • Electricity
  • Ice
  • Tremor

Haze Piece B-Tier Fruits

  • Operation
  • Gas
  • Flame
  • Mammoth
  • Snow
  • Gravity
  • Light
  • Sand
  • String

Haze Piece C-Tier Fruits

  • Sand
  • Smoke
  • Buddha
  • Chop
  • Spike
  • Barrier
  • Paw
  • Kilo

Haze Piece D-Tier Fruits

  • Clear
  • Spin
  • Bomb

Best Fruit Abilities in Haze Piece


  • Z: Black Hole. Summons a black hole around the user. (Fruit Level 30)
  • X: Dark Vortex. Pulls players and NPCs towards yourself. (Fruit Level 60)
  • V: Dark Ball (Fruit Level 90)
  • B: Black Dragon (Fruit Level 120)
  • E: Darkness Emperor. Creates a ball of darkness that can be thrown towards enemies and will explode on contact with anything that it touches. (Fruit Level 150)
  • C: Dark Fly. Turn into pure darkness, allowing you to fly. (Fruit Level 30)


  • Magma Passive: Water walk.
  • Z: Magma Fist. Throws a fist shaped magma ball. (Fruit Level 30)
  • X: Magma Pool. The user slams the ground, forming a puddle of lava. (Fruit Level 60)
  • C: Magma Flight. Fly using the properties of magma. (Fruit Level 90)
  • V: Magma Meteor. Summon a meteor made out of magma. (Fruit Level 120)
  • B: Magma Rain. Throw fists of magma into the sky and watch them come crashing down. – mouse aimed. (Fruit Level 150)


  • E: Transformation (Fruit Level 30)
  • Z: Flame Lotus (Fruit Level 30)
  • X: Spiral Thrust (Fruit Level 60)
  • C: Healing Flame (Fruit Level 90)
  • V: Slamming Impact (Fruit Level 120)
  • B: Heavenly Tornado (Fruit Level 150)

How does the rating work?

Our tiers are ranked from best to worst and evaluate the overall usefulness of the ability.

  • S-Tier: These are the best of the best abilities that are most likely overpowered. If you get one of these abilities, you should keep it and not change anything.
  • A-Tier: These are outstanding abilities that will be a great addition to your character. Due to the rarity of the S-Tier, it may be best to hold on to one of these since the others are very hard to get.
  • B-Tier: May be good for a while, but you’ll likely want to upgrade at some point.
  • Level C: While not very good, they at least serve as some character enhancement.
  • D-Level: The worst of the worst and doesn’t do any good. You should get rid of it as soon as possible.

How was the rating determined?

When compiling ratings, we try to collect information from various sources. While our gaming experience serves as one guide, our main goal is to create comprehensive lists that cater to a wide range of playstyles. To do this, we also take into account the ratings and opinions of other players in the gaming community.

When is the Haze Piece Fruit tier list updated?

Our team strives to keep the list up to date by regularly reviewing it to reflect new releases and balance changes. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check the list periodically to stay up to date with the latest rankings for 2023.

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