Help Your Protector In Baldur’s Gate 3

Help Your Protector In Baldur’s Gate 3

“Assist Your Guardian” is a central storyline in BG3 closely tied to the player’s character. This quest initiates towards the conclusion of the second act and unveils the genuine identities of both the Guardian and the Absolute.

By this stage in the game, you should have a clear understanding of the Absolute’s true nature—a colossal intellect with the ability to command Mind Flayers at its discretion. Evidently, the Absolute serves as a mere instrument manipulated by higher beings with the intention of ultimately eliminating the Guardian, also referred to as the Protector, within the world of BG3.

How to complete Help Your Protector in BG3

To aid your guardian in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must engage in a crucial dialogue with the Mind Flayer, convincing them to thwart the Githyanki Forces. This pivotal conversation takes place on the Astral Plane during the Wyrm Lookout encounter, where Githyanki and Intellect Devourers are in conflict.

The quest commences once you rest in your camp near Wyrm’s Lookout (X: 358, Y: 13). Upon attempting to sleep, the narrator begins discussing the Absolute and your strategic choices. While it may be tempting to seek control over the formidable intellect by vanquishing the Dead Three and using it for world domination, this is not the path advocated in my guide. I strongly recommend adhering to the following alternative.

  • “When the moment comes, I will do what feels right.” 

As a consequence, the Absolute will launch an assault on your mind, attempting to overpower your will. In BG3, your Protector or Guardian will implore you to venture into the Astral Plane with the assistance of the Artefact and come to their aid. However, as you progress toward the portal, a Githyanki faction stages an ambush.

Enter the Astral Prism

My suggestion is to bypass this confrontation to conserve resources and safeguard your party members, then proceed into the Astral Prism. Upon entering, you will become embroiled in a skirmish between Githyanki and Illithid in Baldur’s Gate 3. Your mission here is to assist the BG3 Protector in eliminating all the Githyanki combatants. The ensuing scene brings forth another layer of the narrative.

A Mind Flayer has taken a Githyanki captive, encasing the Gith within an enigmatic energy prison. The remaining Githyanki launch an assault in an attempt to liberate their comrade. It is at this juncture that the Mind Flayer unveils their true identity.

Help your Dream Visitor

This entity is none other than the Dream Visitor or Guardian you crafted during character creation, diligently safeguarding you against the sway of the Absolute. To secure the safety of your Protector in BG3, make sure to choose the subsequent options with care.

  • “Prove to me that you are who you say.” 
  • “How do I help?” 
  • “Join the mind flayer’s fight.” 

Opting for this course of action will result in Lae’zel’s disapproval and hinder your prospects of developing a romantic relationship with her. Given the demanding nature of this battle, it’s imperative to ensure thorough preparation. To gain an edge against the assaulting Githyanki, it’s advisable to maintain the presence of Intellect Devourers.

Help Your Protector In Baldur’s Gate 3

As the battle concludes, the Protector will once again subdue the Githyanki, powering the machine that can thwart the Absolute’s control. Select the following option. 

  • “Tell me everything.”

The Protector will disclose that they, too, were once an adventurer like us in the past. Mind Flayers had infected them with the parasite, transforming them into one. Nevertheless, they managed to break free from the Absolute’s dominion and ascended to become the Emperor. Opt for the subsequent choice.

  • “Lord Gortash was one of the chosen in the colony.” 
  • “I didn’t realize mind flayers can be independent thinkers.” 
  • “So, are you going to tell me what this battle was all about?” 

The Protector will reveal Vlaakith’s plan and why it is crucial to keep the Githyanki prisoner in the Astral Realm. Select the following dialogue options during the Help Your Protector main quest in BG3. 

  • “Were you imprisoned here too?” 
  • “Was it you or Orpheus that Vlaakith wanted us to kill when she ordered us inside the prism?” 
  • “What happens if we free Orpheus?” 
  • “We are alike in other ways, too.” 
  • “I am trying to avoid becoming a mind flayer. I thought you agreed to protect me”. 


Help Your Protector In Baldur’s Gate 3

Upon successfully assisting your Protector in BG3, they will present you with a decision to make. This choice centers around either accepting their gift or declining it. If you opt to accept the gift by choosing “Do it. I embrace evolution,” the Protector will bestow upon you supplementary Illithid abilities, albeit with a minor alteration in your physical appearance. You will be required to make two more selections.

  • “Do as it says”. 
  • “Open your mind to the tadpole”. 

Declining the gift is also an option, although I wouldn’t advise it. By doing so, you’ll forfeit numerous fascinating Illithid abilities and the opportunity to acquire Astral-Touched tadpoles, which provide an additional 5 skill points to invest in Illithid talents. Consuming this tadpole will result in your transformation into a half-Illithid, unlocking the most advanced level of Illithid Powers.


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