Honkai: Star Rail Update 1.5 releases November 15th

Honkai: Star Rail Update 1.5 releases November 15th

Honkai: Star Rail Update 1.5 releases November 15th

In the new season, you will witness the debut of the characters Hoho, Hanya, and Argenti, and also take part in the investigation of supernatural phenomena on Luofu Xianzhou.

In the latest update, players encounter the supernatural for the first time. Some time ago, the Furnace of Creation at the Crafts Commission split into pieces, and the heliobi imprisoned in it were released. They found refuge in the Garden of Serenity.

Heliobi are malicious, formless entities, woven from burning hatred and old grievances. They are able not only to inhabit intelligent beings, but also to manipulate their feelings, and control their consciousness and even their bodies. The Garden of Serenity is a terrible place where darkness reigns and where ancient towers of suppression and stone steles rise under the canopies of centuries-old trees.

In an attempt to eliminate the threat of heliobi, the Pathfinders organized a special team of Ghostbusters and set out on a risky adventure to find out what mysteries lie behind the local paranormal phenomena. In this, they are helped by one of the most powerful and mysterious forces on Lofu – the Commission of Ten Lords.

With the update, players will be able to unlock new characters – Hoho, Chania, and Argenti, take part in a series of various events, and evaluate a new feature – the Guest Book, with which Pioneers will be able to find out the details of their friends’ visits to the Star Express. The update will be installed on November 15th.

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