Horizon Forbidden West May Come to PC

Horizon Forbidden West May Come to PC

Horizon Forbidden West May Come to PC

There is a possibility that Horizon Forbidden West will be released on PC. The first game of the Horizon series, one of Sony ‘s biggest brands, was released in 2017. Those who played Horizon: Zero Dawn, the first game of the series, when it was first released, loved the game. We also understand this love from Metacritic scores. The game appears to have a score of 8.9 on Metacritic. Then, 3 years after the game’s release, the game was released again on PC.

When the game was released on PC, those who played it loved it. After that, he continued to release games for Playstation PC. It also released the console’s most popular exclusive games to the PC. Sony released Horizon: Forbidden West, the second game of the Horizon series , in recent months . This game improved upon the first game and received a lot of positive comments. Now, according to a rumor, this game may be released on PC.

Will Horizon: Forbidden West Come to PC?

Horizon: Forbidden West , released by Sony this year , may be released on PC. Horizon: Forbidden West Complete Edition will launch on Playstation next year, according to a Playstation Plus tipster . Also, according to this tipster, the game will also come to PC with this release. According to the tipster, the game will be released next month and will also be available on Steam and Epic Games.

Sony has not announced the Complete Edition of Horizon: Forbidden West at this time. However, the name of the game was included in the list of Singapore rating board IMDA. It is also rumored that this version will also include the game’s Burning Shores additional content.

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