How Level Scaling Works In Starfield

How Level Scaling Works In Starfield

Level scaling in games scales the level of your enemies to your own level and ensures that you always have a challenge, but it’s not the case in Starfield. The game has a set level for each enemy you face.

Is there level scaling in Starfield? 

In Starfield, level-scaling is absent entirely. The adversaries encountered during your gameplay will possess predetermined levels. Within the game’s universe, some star systems will host high-level foes, while others will offer relatively easier opposition.

Notably, your encounters won’t frequently align with your character’s level throughout your journey. You’ll typically encounter enemies who are either of higher or lower levels than you. Each star system in Starfield is assigned a specific level range for its inhabitants.

For beginners, it’s advisable to explore systems with low-level opponents. Conversely, as you advance in the game and your character’s level rises, you can venture into star systems teeming with formidable adversaries.

It’s important to highlight that there are no restrictions on which level of star systems you can visit. You can explore a high-level system right from the beginning of your gameplay. However, be mindful that your journey will be fraught with formidable enemy forces, potentially making navigation within the system more challenging.

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