How to access Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty secret state cutscene

How to access Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty secret state cutscene

Cyberpunk 2077 is full of choice. The Phantom Liberty DLC is no exception. Even if you paid for the experience, you can still decide not to play it, which is as fun as it is completely built into the game. User X @SynthPotato posted a video showing the cutscene that plays if you fail an early mission, denying you access to the DLC. Everyone should thank their brother for being so reckless. Here’s how to access the secret failure scene in Phantom Liberty.


How to get a failed scene in Phantom Liberty

To avoid spoiling the cutscene, I’ve left it out of this section, but included it later in the post if you want to watch it.

This secret cutscene only plays if you fail one of the early missions, making the quest line impossible to complete. The second mission of the story arc, “Hole in the Sky”, requires you to rescue the President of NUSA after the crash of SF1. At the beginning of the mission you need to pick up Rosalind Myers. At this point, you will be ordered to make your way to the crane, although it will be near the wreckage all the way.

Typically in video games you have all the time in the world to solve “urgent” problems, since the only urgency is conveyed through the narrative. However, here, if you take your time and ignore the quest or don’t get to Myers, you will receive a special message from Songbird.

Secret Phantom Liberty Failure Video

I think it’s great that you can not only not play the DLC, but actively ruin everything and kill the President of NUSA. Not all V’s will want to help or save the President of the New United States of America, and the game allows you to choose this path. Unfortunately, the only effect of this outcome is a secret cutscene, and nothing else. I think it would be incredible if there was a separate story revolving around how you don’t save the President. Alas, we can’t complain because Phantom Liberty is already great in its own right.

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