How to Change Your Quirk in Anime Champion Simulator – Roblox

How to Change Your Quirk in Anime Champion Simulator – Roblox

Apart from your character type, Quirk is the most important element that determines your combat and your character’s overall potential in Anime Champion Simulator. When you open any orb, the game chooses your character’s Quirk. Because it’s random, the Quirk gained for your character may be mediocre, reducing your squad’s appeal. In such cases, it is better to change/retype your quirk using the Qurik Reroll machine. Continue reading the entire article to learn about quirks and how to change them.


How to Change Your Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator – Roblox

As stated earlier, you can change your Quirks in Anime Champion Simulator using the Reroll Machine. This machine or area is present in Pirate Town . This is the second stage of the game after the Green Planet. But before using it, you need to fix the Magic Tree by completing the quest associated with Scientist Simon .

Once you complete the quest, this area will become available. You change the Quirks of any characters by placing any unit from your inventory and using the medal as the transfer fee. There are two types of medals in Anime Champions Simulator:  Premium  and  Pirate .. If you want basic quirks, use pirate medals, and for good high-level quirks, use premium medals. You can get medals in Anime Champion Simulator by defeating bosses and completing quests suggested by NPCs.

All the quirks in Anime Champions Simulator – Roblox

There are currently 14 Quirks in Anime Champions Simulator. Read about each of them below.


Quirks Levels Description
Strong 1,2,3 Strengthens your squad as a whole
Lucky 1,2,3 Improves luck factor
Fast 1,2,3 Provides movement and attack speed
Collector 1,2,3 Increases the rarity of your rewards
Witch Improves overall ability damage
Thief 1 Improves drop multiplier
Sniper 1 Increases the likelihood of receiving a box and increases the amount of damage.
Rich 1,2,3 Gives more gold coins
Black hole 1 Improves all basic characteristics by 1.5 times
Archmage 1 Improves abilities and base damage
Leprechaun 1 Improves luck and gives more coins
Genius 1,2,3 Fighters can level up faster
Giant 1 The character looks bigger and has improved attack power
Accurate 1,2,3 Improves target abilities of units
Teleport 1 Moves faster and provides attack speed
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