How to clean up environmental damage in Starfield

How to clean up environmental damage in Starfield

While there are many favorable environments such as New Atlantis, many planets and moons often experience extreme weather, radiation, and toxic waste, among other things. Fortunately, we space travelers are equipped with spacesuits that will protect us from such conditions. However, things don’t always go according to plan, and systems often fail. How can we prevent this setup from knocking us out? Here’s how to fix environmental damage in Starfield.


Starfield: How to fix environmental damage

Environmental damage in Starfield is a broad concept that covers both ailments and temporary health-limiting damage. You can confirm this whenever you visit any planet or moon with extreme weather conditions. After some exposure to extreme conditions, your suit’s defense system will fail, which in turn will slightly affect your health bar and inflict certain ailments such as hypothermia or coughing. As you probably know, to get rid of these ailments, you will have to visit Reliant Medical Center or use any medical supplies that will cure your specific ailments.

However, no medicines or even first aid kits can eliminate the damage to the environment. You will see an orange bar that increasingly limits your health points. This is the environmental damage your body takes. To repair this environmental damage, you will have to get into a room where there is breathable oxygen and a stable atmosphere. Once at the outposts, your ship will do its job.

Be sure to take your medications with you. Even if they don’t cure the damage to the environment, the effect will limit your health. This, in turn, will make meetings even more difficult than before. This makes healing a higher priority. Your suit will also regain its environmental protection once you enter a building or ship.

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