How to Complete “Break the Bank” – Starfield Quest Guide

How to Complete "Break the Bank" - Starfield Quest Guide

I’ll be the old-timer in the room and admit that the fourth Crimson Fleet mission in  Starfield  , “Break the Bank”, gave me some serious  The Fifth Element vibes  . Futuristic cruise ship sailing among the stars, secret mission, diva. The only thing that can tie this together is an emergency threatening the ship. But we could have this in stock. The Bank Break mission in  Starfield  consists of a lot of conversations and shady deals, but our quest guide will get you home safe and sound.


The essence of the mission is quite logical. You need information to determine the latest coordinates of the Legacy ship from GalBank. We learn that there is a GalBank VIP on board the flying cruise ship Siren of the Star, and your job is to infiltrate it and leave it with his credentials. Your first step is to meet with the ship’s captain, Naeva’s inside man, who  has already  participated in the heist.

In fact, Naeva involves you in her scheme immediately after you receive orders from Delgado. She and her inner man planned to steal an expensive item called the Earth Savior Award. But now she sees you as an opportunity to cut her man out of the deal and get more rewards. This way, not only do you have to make off with the credentials, but you have a chance to make Naeva happy and earn some credits on the side. Easy.


 Starfield Breaking the Bank Quest Guide – “We’re Inside”

You start the quest by meeting Naeva’s boyfriend, Siren captain, Evgeniy Rokov. And here is our diva that I mentioned earlier. Rokov can help you get inside, but he wants something from you in return. A rejected member of the Scarlet Fleet, his desire to help forces you to convince Delgado to allow Rokoff to rejoin the pirates. In a conversation, you can agree to help him or not. In any case, this decision will be made much later.

Rokov may be a little annoying, but he’s not stupid. He offers you an access key to the ship and promises that the crew will let you into low-security areas. However, he knows that something is fishy and wants to know if you and Naeva are planning something. You can let the cat out of the bag and admit that you, too, are here to steal the Earth Savior Award, or you can remain silent.

If you decide to tell him about your plan to obtain the Earth Savior award, he will demand that you allow him to participate in the selection in exchange for his help in obtaining the item  . Letting him in  will net you less money at the end of the quest  , but  he will tell you about his handler, Sheila Holbrook  . You can get to the reward without his help, so it’s up to you to decide. Telling him about Delgado’s plan wouldn’t change anything.


Discuss it with VIPs

Then head to the Starview Ballroom, where smug socialites can’t stop talking about the “positively terrible” canapés. Earlier, Rokov mentioned that you will need to get dirty information about GalBank VIP, Larry Dambroski, in order to squeeze the information you need out of him. Talk to your guests about Dambroski and they will share everything they know. Keep doing this until you finally get what you need: information about an affair with a GalBank executive named Claudia Swist. It’s amazing; no one wants their dirty laundry left in the wind.

Note: If you haven’t told Rokoff about the reward, you’ll also need to ask visitors about it to find Sheila Holbrook. She won’t appear in the area until you know her name.

How to Complete "Break the Bank" - Starfield Quest Guide

Additional Mission Guide for  Starfield Breaking the Bank: Earth Savior Award

Once you know about both women, your quest markers will point you towards them. Holbrook is lounging upstairs to the right of the guest suite door, and Swist can be found in the guest suite lounge. It doesn’t matter who you talk to first, but don’t ignore Holbrook for long if you want to get the reward.


Convince Holbrook to give you an access card to the reward.

It’s easiest to sort through the side quest to get your reward first, since you’ll meet Holbrook on the way to Whistling  . Talk to her and ask if she is responsible for the reward. She will say yes, of course. Tell her that she must be “nervous keeping something so valuable” in her cabin. She will scoff and exclaim that she is not stupid enough to leave it there. And then she’ll just tell you where it is: locked in the main safe in the treasurer’s office. Super. Next, go there and ask to be let inside. You will rightfully be told no unless you show up with your application ID to the safe.

How to Complete "Break the Bank" - Starfield Quest Guide

I suggest trying to use your persuasion skill to convince her to give up the claim ID. In my opinion this is the simplest way. She almost threw her ID at me. If your persuasion skill is low, be sure to bring skill-boosting clothing, as well as the Hippolyta item,  which increases your chance of persuasion by 20% for five minutes. She has six points of persuasion  . Here is the route I chose:

  • +1 Look, I get it. You have your orders, I have mine.
  • +3 What’s wrong if you tell me?
  • +2 I’m glad you’re starting to agree with my point of view.

If you don’t have the skill or fail the Persuasion check,  you need to talk to Rokov and he will give you information that can be used to blackmail Holbrook  .

Get dirt from Claudia Swist

Having dealt with this, go to the guest apartment and track down Whistler. You’ll find her sulking in the living room with an empty glass next to her. Whistling doesn’t like to beat around the bush. The fastest way to get what you need is to be upfront: you know about the case and you need proof. Don’t try to ask her for GalBank credentials as she is not high enough for them to give you access. She will reveal the information through a Persuasion check or if you pay her 2500 credits  . If you can’t do either option, you can find incriminating evidence locked in Suite 01. If you’re not skilled enough to steal her key or open the door, paying is the fastest way. You are already on your way to big profits.

How to Complete "Break the Bank" - Starfield Quest Guide

Track down Gabriel Vera

The whistle tells you about the plan between her and Dambroski. Together with UC security hotshot Gabriel Vera, they spent “several months” scanning GalBank’s transaction data. However, she learned that Dambroski had been altering transactions to gain a larger share. However, she has no proof of this, but she does point you to Faith. You will find Vera in the Starview Ballroom. Communicating with him makes it clear that he will not give up as easily as Whistle, and drives you away under threat of arrest.

Track down Rokov, who is upstairs in the bar lobby with a large bag at his side. Looks like someone is willing to post bail. He says that he saw your conversation with Vera… somehow from a distant bar. Suggest creating a “ship emergency” to lock Vera in his cabin, where the isolation might make his lips tremble more easily. Oh, what an emergency! Rokov believes that interfering with the life support sensors should help. He will advise you to talk to the life support engineer and possibly blackmail him to convince him to let you in.

Go to life support.

The door to the life support system is in the ballroom. Go ahead and go to the life support room and talk to Chief Engineer Sandin. Tell him you need to come in and he will refuse. You can either blackmail him by saying that you know about his gambling debt, or pay 1000 credits. Either choice will help you, but I suggest telling him about the debt and saving some money. Enter the life support system and press all three switches. This causes an emergency and all guests will return to their cabins.

We’re currently halfway through the Bank Breaking quest in  Starfield  , so now’s a good time to take a tea break before things get spicy.

How to Complete "Break the Bank" - Starfield Quest Guide

Get what you need and fight Larry Dambroski.

Return upstairs to the guest area and find Suite 02 – Gabriel Vera’s cabin. Now that you have one, it’s time to tighten the nuts. You can convince him to hand over everything he knows by telling him that you are working undercover for UC SysDef or representing the Crimson Fleet. Either option works the same: he’s still not convinced, so tell him Dambroski is cheating him out of money. Vera is still not sure whether he should testify to you. You can pay him 2500 credits for dirt or choose the Attack option  . You must pay the money, because attacking him here, even with a silenced weapon, will set off an alarm and cause all the ship’s guards to target you. After all, this is supposed to be a stealth mission.

It’s finally time to talk to Dambroski. Follow the quest marker back to the left stairs and go up. Find Dambroski in room 05, where he is preparing to throw a thesaurus at your head. But that’s about as offensive as it gets for Larry. He will cowardly give you his GalBank VIP credentials to keep the whole scheme a secret. Or so it seems. Take your credentials and head to the exit. However, first you need to tell Rokov that the deed is done. He once again mentions his desire to rejoin the Crimson Fleet. We will make this decision soon.

Head to GalBank in Jamison for a “transaction.”

The time has come to finally get the information you and Delgado need from GalBank on New Atlantis. Go there and enter the elevator. Talk to the not at all suspicious bank guard and he will let you inside. But oh, it’s a trap! This was not a security guard, but an Ecliptic mercenary – and he brought friends. Fight off all the mercenaries, probably hired by old Larry, and get information about the Legacy from the Galbank archives.

Starfield  Breaking the Bank Quest – Last Steps

It’s time to give (almost) everyone what they want. Go to Delgado and pass on the information you received from the bank. We learn that the Legacy was last seen near the gas giant EM known as Bannock IV. This will lead to our next Crimson Fleet quest, Eye of the Storm. Note: If you tell Delgado that you don’t like Rokov, he  will not  allow him to return to the fleet.

Naeva then takes you aside to ask you about the Earth Savior Award. You can hand over the reward or choose to lie about receiving it. A pirate  will believe  a lie for any reason. I received 8,300 credits for lying, but I kept the reward for myself. It will cost 65,000 credits if you can find someone to buy it. By giving her the reward, I received 16,800 credits. It would have been less if I had allowed Rokov to participate in the deal.

How to Complete "Break the Bank" - Starfield Quest Guide

Your last stop is UC Vigilance. Tell Commander Ikanda everything that happened and they will be prepared for what comes next.

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