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How to complete Moving Heat – Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Quest Guide

How to complete Moving Heat - Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Quest Guide

As part of V’s mission to de-escalate the situation in  Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty  ‘s Dogtown, they must hack into the driving service network and track the vehicle. Everything goes smoothly until the incredibly annoying network administrator Ashley contacts V about infiltrating the system after the events of  Phantom Liberty  . Now V must infiltrate the facility and steal a car in the Moving Heat mission.


Now I’ll be honest with you guys. I’m not a secretive person. I have all the finesse of a blunderbuss. So, my method of staying “undetected” is to turn off all the cameras and then kill everyone with a silenced weapon before they can raise the alarm. My weapon of choice for this mission was  Her Majesty  .

Moving Heat Mission Steps

First part

Once you reach the facility, take the elevator down to the first room. The goal is to remain unnoticed. This room has  three cameras and five guards  . The first step is to use quick hacks to disable the cameras and check the location of the guards.


Remain crouched and do not remove optical camouflage. Go down the stairs and stay under the grated floor. Be aware that the guards can see you through the bars, so stay out of sight. If they are noticed, move away and they will quickly lose interest.

I then used the forklift in the back to distract the guard through the shutter, and the camera on the column in the center to distract the two on the right side of the lower level. This created enough of a gap between them all that I could drop each of them one by one without raising an alarm.

Part two

The next part is not as difficult as the game would have you believe. Again, stay crouched and keep your optical camouflage on. A truck will arrive. Your goal is to climb into the container from behind and drive it through the checkpoint.


To your right, behind the barrier, there will be a turret. Use this to distract the guards. While they are investigating, you can jump into the container and ride it to the next area. Don’t worry about your head popping out. As long as you squat, everything will be fine. Just don’t forget to disable the security turret at the checkpoint.

Part three

Now you are in the garage with the car and at the finish line. Scan the room and turn off the cameras. Be patient as one car will exit the garage and then another will enter. From your hiding place in the container, look out and start shooting in the head. Be careful, because if one of the patrolling guards spots the body, it’s time to reload the quick save. After removing the guards from the road, jump into the car and erase the data.

Part four

This is literally the easy part. Move slowly and carefully. A security guard will stop you at the exit from the garage. Hang in there, Ashley actually does something useful and turns off her scanner. After this you can leave. Drive out of the building without hitting anyone, and Charon will be added to your collection.

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