How to complete “The Best of It” in Starfield

How to complete "The Best of It" in Starfield

Starfield’s Best of It  is one of the most nerve-wracking side missions you can do in the Crimson Fleet storyline. In this quest, players will find a prototype ship on a space station and steal it. This is not an easy mission, but you will easily overcome it if you follow the instructions that I have prepared for you below.


Starfield Mission Guide  “The Best There Is”

Note. There are spoilers ahead for this Crimson Fleet mission.

The Crimson Fleet Starfield mission “The Best There Is” begins immediately after completing the “Breaking  the  Bank” mission in the game. Delgado of the Crimson Fleet now has a new mission: get to starship SY-920 and steal their prototype ship, which will hopefully allow you to get to the vault further down the line.

Here are the steps you should take to complete this mission. I recommend following them exactly as they do not involve sacrifice and provide the best possible rewards.

  1. Travel to the Alpha Centauri system to New Atlantis on Jamison and then to the Well to meet Huang Daiyu.
  2. Join Huan Daiyu on her ship, the Jade Swan.
  3. Leave Juan’s ship and head to the nearby barracks.
  4. Sneak up and steal one of the uniforms from the locker when no one is around.
  5. Use the uniform and the persuasion skill (if you have it) to get to the star court.
  6. Continue on and follow the marker to then steal Ensign Akasaka’s uniform. Put this on.
  7. Look through the log to find the correct password for Akasaka in the clearance area.
  8. If you sign in with the correct password, you’ll be free to explore and walk around, but you may have to rely on persuasion if you get it wrong.
  9. Find the scientist’s coat in Engineering Bay 4.
  10. Meet with Gabriel Vogel and convince him that you are a test pilot.
  11. Go to the nearest locker room and take the pilot suit.
  12. Use the nearby vents to sneak into the ship area.
  13. Convince the guard that you are a test pilot.
  14. Board the ship and then take off with a gravity jump before you can be shot down.
  15. Grav jumps to the Key and then talks to Juan at the bar.
  16. Talk to Delgado and tell him the good news.
  17. Return to UC Vigilance and give Commander Ikanda your report to complete the mission.

There are several ways to complete this mission, but remember to be stealthy or use persuasion. If you kill innocent people, it could jeopardize your entire relationship with UC SysDef.

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