How to complete the Hammer Falls quest in Starfield?

How to complete the Hammer Falls quest in Starfield?

Now we know who is to blame for the fate of the farmers, and now it is your duty to take care of this character. This is easier said than done, however, and you’ll be presented with several options that will determine what type of Ranger you want moving forward. Here’s how to complete the Hammer Falls quest in Starfield  .


Ron Hope: Keep his secret, accept the bribe, or kill him?

How to complete the Hammer Falls quest in Starfield?

After discovering that Ron Hope is responsible for commanding the First Cavalry and their evil plans, ruining the lives of farmers. You will have to return to Hopetown (Polvo, Valo system) and present him with the revelation and evidence given by Paxton Hull before we “survived” him. This is Hammer Down, the final mission in the Freestar Collective questline. At first he will deny the accusation, but once you show him the evidence, he will try to convince you to let him off the hook, promising that the scheme will stop, and even offering a substantial “reward” for your efforts. You can choose to keep his secret, keep him alive by accepting his “reward”, or kill him due to his attack after refusing to resign.

Starfield – Hammerfall: All Variations

How to complete the Hammer Falls quest in Starfield?

  • Keep Ron Hope’s Secret  : You will accept Ron Hope’s promise to stop his plan. This is the worst solution because it will lead to worse results.
  • Accept His Bribe  : If you’re willing to compromise your morals to get Hope off the hook, you might as well accept his “reward” of 20,000 credits. Your companions won’t like this, so be sure to leave them waiting before approaching Hope.
  • Kill Ron Hope  : If you’re playing as the good guy, the only option is to make Ron Hope pay. Unfortunately, Ron won’t go down without a fight, so you’ll have to kill him. Lack of moral flexibility will be perceived positively by your interlocutor.

After dealing with Ron Hope, you will have to return to Aquila City and talk to Marshal Blake. Before you do this, be sure to talk to Birgit McDougall and role-play. You’ll also learn about Hope’s successor: Helen Nwanko.

How to complete the Hammer Falls quest in Starfield?

Next, go to the city of Aquila. Marshal Blake will ask you about what happened during the first part of the Hammer Falls quest. Depending on your previous choice, you will either have to lie to him or tell him what happened. Yes, that includes the death of Ron Hope.

In any case, you will receive the title of Ranger as a reward. You’ll also receive the Star Eagle Starship, Ranger Suit, Helmet, Power Supply, Vindicator Shooting Pistol, Ranger Dueling Outfit, and of course the Freestar Ranger Badge. Good job Ranger, I hope you made the right choice.

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