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How to complete the Sinnerman quest in Cyberpunk 2077?

How to complete the Sinnerman quest in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game about choices and consequences. What you do will not change Night City, but it will change the fate of its inhabitants. Love this city or hate it, you have to make choices and there are always consequences. In The Sinner Man quest, your moral compass will be tested. Will you just do your job or will you be drawn into a whole new kind of madness? Here’s how to beat Sinnerman in Cyberpunk 2077.


Completing Sinnerman in Cyberpunk 2077

Launch of Zinnerman

To start the “Sinner Man” quest, you need to call Wakako. Before you receive this call, you will have to complete the Life During Wartime quest, which is one of the main quests. If you don’t have this quest yet, continue through the main story.

Answer Wakako’s call, listen to the job description and accept it. You won’t get any details from her, but that’s Wakako for you.


Go to the meeting point and wait on the bench. When it’s over, you’ll see Bill Yablonki leaning on his car.

Approach him and finish all the dialogue before getting into the car. He’ll tell you more about his situation if you push him. Basically, he hired you just to be a little extra muscle so he could track down his wife’s killer and kill him. Soon you will see the car in which the killer Joshua Stevenson is. You will have to keep an eye on the car.

Surveillance of Joshua Stevenson

This is not difficult, but you can easily make a mistake due to poor handling of the car. When you go after Joshua’s car, you’ll only follow them for a minute or so, but everyone else will get in your way. At this stage it is very important not to go fast. Drive slowly and avoid other cars that appear out of nowhere. If you want to be extra careful, you can stop for a second before each intersection, as at that moment other cars will appear out of nowhere and crash into you.

You will come across a road under a bridge and Bill will tell you to stop the car as Joshua’s car is blocked by a semi-trailer.

What should you do?

When you get out of the car, Bill will come out with you with a gun in his hand, ready to kill Joshua himself. Several things can happen here.

If you allow this scene to play out, the NCPD officer escorting Joshua will threaten to open fire. Bill doesn’t listen, and true to his word, the officer shoots Bill Jablonka.

At this intersection, you can either shoot Joshua and complete the contract for 5,000 Eurodollars, or approach Joshua as the target now prompts. You can try to save Bill, but killing the officer before he shoots is difficult due to his high health pool. Additionally, other NCPD officers will appear out of nowhere to try and take you down.

If you approach Joshua, he will try to take advantage of you. You can listen to him and even sit in the car with him before you finally decide on a job. Johnny Silverhand will practically beg you to come with them, very surprised by the situation. Alternatively, you can refuse the offer and leave this whole mess behind.

By accepting Joshua’s offer, you will lose a number of positions, which you will be deprived of if you kill him or refuse his offer.

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