How to complete the Starfield Sabotage mission

How to complete the Starfield Sabotage mission

The Starfield Sabotage mission is a big mission that has you infiltrating the Infinity Ltd Corporate Headquarters to hack some computers and steal a particularly valuable item. It marks the culmination of the Starfield Ryujin questline, and while there are some initial steps involving retrieving the Neuroamp implant and testing its power, I’ll focus on the part that will interest you most. Like many missions in Starfield, there are a few ways to approach your targets once you enter Infinity Ltd, so I’ve got the scoop on whether you should try to sneak your way through Sabotage in Starfield or just go all guns blazing.

Is it worth using stealth when Sabotaging in Starfield?

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If you want to know whether it’s worth using stealth during Sabotage in Starfield, the honest answer is no, not really. I completed the mission using both a stealth and unarmed approach, and my results remained unchanged either way. You also need to know that Sabotage is incredibly difficult and frustrating to complete without triggering the alarm, so there’s really no need to subject yourself to all of that. If you decide that you want to do everything secretly, then keep the following in mind:

  • You need to be able to use stealth to avoid detection in Starfield
  • You’ll need the Expert skill in Starfield lockpicking to prevent alarms from going off
  • You may receive Lung Damage or Burns, so bring appropriate Relief supplies
  • Push your partner away so they don’t follow you
  • Equip the Operative Suit to make you harder to detect
  • Use Quicksaves regularly, along with occasional manual saves, in case you get detected
  • You can be partially detected as long as you hide and wait until the guards retreat before the alarm is raised

Starfield Sabotage mission secret walkthrough

To start, go up to the roof access and use your Neuroamp implant to manipulate the Infinity Security guard into pressing the button to turn off the fan. You can then drop down to the area below, then go through the door on the left and interact with the Maintenance Systems computer to sabotage the heating system and release the gas. This clears the building of non-essential personnel but puts all guards on high alert.


After opening the ventilation hole opposite, follow the channel to the left and drop down from the hole to the raised platform on the ceiling. Turn around and follow the platform to Lucas’s office, then drop down and break the door – it’ll be a novice lock if you let off the gas, an expert lock if you didn’t. Once inside, perform another rookie hack on Lucas’ computer and then follow the Overseer Program command in the upper left corner.

Once the program is installed, exit Lucas’ office and jump over the barrier to your left to land on another raised ceiling platform. Go to the right side, follow the pipes and open the vent at the far end, then drop down to the area beyond and open the hatch to access the toilets.

Open the door and look around carefully, wait for the guard in front of you to move away, then go down the corridor to your left and enter the office on the left. Hide behind the table and wait for the next guard to pass by, then exit to the left and go to the break room at the far end. Manipulate the guard in the break room to walk to the right, then go to the left and go through the vent in the warehouse. Drop down to another raised ceiling platform and pipes, then follow them to the beacon that takes you to Research and Development. Beyond the vent, you can go down the elevator shaft, then open the next vent to go up to R&D.

Next, you need to sneak into the main room along the pipes, follow the pipes to the left, and then enter the vent. From there you can proceed, open a hatch and go down to a shower. In this area, sneak up the stairs to the right to reach Faye’s office, where you’ll find a Credstik and Digipick on her desk with an R&D ID Card behind them – pick this up as it’s important. Access Faye’s computer and once again follow the Overseer Program command in the upper left corner of the screen, then return to the shower and jump back into the vent you entered.

Return to the main room, jump over the pipes to the opposite side, then wrap around the wall on the right until you enter a new area.


Drop down to the balcony below, then jump over the railing to the shelves below. To avoid the turret, stand up and jump/jump across the gap ahead, then hide under the ramp ahead.


When the guard comes down to investigate, manipulate him with the Neuroamp and send him across the corridor, then go up the ramp and use the computer to your right to disable the turret. Jump over the railing and use the R&D ID Card on the reader next to the big red Secure Access doors below to open the doors, go inside and use the key to close the doors before the guard regains control.


Inside the safe room, there is a switch on the wall next to the Neuroamp Prototype that you can use to close the blinds to increase your chances of not being detected here. You will then need to follow the cable to the Security Access Controls and perform an expert-level attack to disable the alarm system. Finally, approach the holding room and open it, then grab the Neuroamp Prototype.

Now all you have to do is escape, so go back through the Safe Access doors you entered, follow the corridor to the left and you’ll be back in the shower, so go back to the vents. Follow the pipes to the end of the corridor where you first entered the main room, and at the far end there will be an elevator waiting to take you back to the entrance. Now, before returning to Ryujin Tower to report to Masako and see the result of your work, you need to go to the opposite building to deliver the evidence to David Barron in the SSNN Field Office.

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