How to complete unfinished business in Starfield

How to complete unfinished business in Starfield

Each planet in the Starfield is unique in terms of landscape, flora and fauna. The same goes for cities: some of them may be rich and legal, while others are less legal, such as Neon. This city is located on the Volia planet Alpha in the Volia system, which you can visit quite early in the game. And although you can legally buy Aurora there, which is prohibited in all systems, Neon Security strictly prohibits smuggling, including this drug. You can see this when you see Neshar being arrested when you first arrive in town. So, read on to find out how to complete the Unfinished Business quest in Starfield .

How to start unfinished business in Starfield

Most quests in the Starfield begin after you find a suitable NPC. However, some side quests will start automatically, such as Loose Ends. When you land on Neon, the first thing you’ll see is Neshar Omani being arrested for owning the Aurora. Not a bad introduction to the city, right? To continue the Loose Ends quest in Starfield , you need to visit Neshar.

Luckily, Neon Security headquarters is open to everyone. You will find this building on the main street of the city on the way to the Astral Lounge. When you approach Neshar, he will immediately ask you to help him. He was supposed to deliver a not entirely legal package to Yannick Legrand, but due to the arrest he cannot do this. Therefore, you have to help him complete this task and prove your loyalty to Yannick.

Quest “How to find a package for unfinished business”

Neshar will give you exact instructions on where to look for the package, namely in his sleep box in Ebbside. These are cargo boxes equipped for sleeping. One of the cheapest ways to stay in Neon. So, follow the marker on the screen to get to Ebbside and find the Sleepcrate manager there. Izna will offer to rent you a box to sleep in and will also let you in anywhere as long as you have an authentication code. Fortunately, Neshar told you about this in advance. Give Izna the code “Alpha-3 Kilo-4” and she will tell you which room belongs to Neshar.


Are evicted sleep crates worth purchasing?

After Izna gives you access to Neshara’s Sleep Box, she will offer you the opportunity to purchase some evicted Sleep Boxes for 1000 credits. In total you can buy 4 sleep boxes, which will cost you 4000 credits. However, if you are hoping to find something valuable or useful there, we will have to disappoint you.

All you can find in them is a safe with an advanced lock, collected organs and a few more consumables. The most valuable of all, of course, are the collected organs. However, since this is contraband, it will be difficult for you to take them out of the city. In addition, to sell for a good amount you will need bartering skills. Therefore, buying sleep boxes on Neon in the Starfield is not worth your credits, so you better help Neshar.

Work for Yannick Legrand

By visiting Neshar’s sleep box, you can easily pick up a not entirely legal package. Your next stop on the Loose Ends quest is Legrandes Liquors. There you will meet Yannick and will be able to prove Neshara’s loyalty to him. However, he doesn’t seem to care about him at all. Instead, he will reward you with credits and offer you a job.

Your task will be to kill Yannick Felix’s business partner. But it would be more accurate to say that he needs to be removed, and it doesn’t matter whether he disappears alive or dead. Either way, follow the marker again to reach the warehouse where Felix is ​​located. Besides him, there will be 4 more Syndicate thugs, so be careful.

After you deal with the Syndicate, you need to tell Felix that he must leave Neon for good. Or you can attack him straight away. Regardless of whether you let him go or kill him, it will not affect the quest. After that, return to Yannick and tell him that the job is done. This way you will earn more credits and complete the Loose Ends quest in Starfield . Moreover, you will start Fishing, during which you can learn Aurora’s recipe.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Loose Ends quest in Starfield . This quest can introduce you to Neon better and reward you with credits, so follow our tips to start and complete it easily. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to complete One Giant Leap.

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