How To Cook Food In Starfield

How To Cook Food In Starfield

Consuming food has various benefits that players can avail while playing Starfield.

Where to Cook Food in Starfield

Within Starfield, numerous cooking locations are available for your culinary needs, and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of them below:

Cooking Station in Lodge

Within the “Basement of the Lodge,” there’s a well-equipped Cooking Station available for your culinary endeavors. However, it’s crucial to note that unlocking this facility requires you to embark on and successfully complete the “One Small Step” quest. Once unlocked, you’ll have the freedom to prepare any of your favorite dishes.

It’s important to be aware that access to the Starfield Cooking Station at the Lodge may not be guaranteed. This scenario occurs if your relationship with Constellation is less than amicable. This limitation arises because the Cooking Station is situated within the Constellation headquarters.

Ship Modules on your Ship

If you find yourself without access to the Cooking Station, an alternative option is available for food preparation. To do this, you’ll need to equip your ship with a “Workshop Module.”

By doing so, you’ll gain access to various workbenches, mirroring what you’d typically find in the Lodge. Among these, you’ll discover a Cooking Station that you can effectively utilize for food preparation within Starfield.

Construct a Cooking Station in Your Outpost

Should you have access to building resources like Tungsten and Polymer, it’s possible to construct an independent cooking station. To do this, you must first establish an Output facility after selecting a suitable location within Starfield. Once you’ve successfully built your Cooking Station, it becomes a versatile tool for preparing a wide variety of dishes to your liking.

How to Cook in Starfield

To start cooking food in Starfield, you must unlock the “Gastronomy Skill.” You must first choose “chef” from the social background to do this.

Gastronomy is one of the Starting skills of a chef background, and as you progress in this background, you will be able to unlock it. As you progress in this skill, you will increase your skills as a chef, which are explained in detail below:

  • Gastronomy Level 1 – “Craft specialty food and drink. Earn more Research recipes at the Research Lab.”
  • Gastronomy Level 2 – “Research and craft gourmet food and drink.”
  • Gastronomy Level 3 – “Research and craft delicacies.”
  • Gastronomy Level 4 – “Research and craft exotic recipes. Crafting food and drink uses less resources.”

After unlocking the Gastronomy skill in Starfield, you need to find ingredients for the recipe you want. Once you have all the ingredients in your inventory, you can head to the Cooking Station and interact with it to start cooking in Starfield.

How to unlock new recipes in Starfield

You can use different methods to unlock new recipes in Starfield, including the Research lab and Kid Stuff Trait.

Using Research Laboratory

In Starfield, the opportunity to uncover fresh recipes through research presents itself as you delve deeper into the game. You gain access to your initial Research Lab, enabling the development of new recipes right in the early stages of the game.

However, the key to unlocking these new recipes lies in advancing to the 4th level of food research. The first three levels are designated as “Old Earth Cuisine,” “Beverage Development,” and “Mixology.”

Following this progression, each subsequent level increase in food research allows you to unlock a new recipe. Once unlocked, these recipes can be employed at any nearby Cooking Station within Starfield for food preparation. During the course of your food research projects, you’ll need to locate various items that can be repurposed as ingredients once you’ve mastered a recipe.

Using Kid Stuff Trait

Another avenue to unlock new recipes in Starfield involves utilizing a trait called “Kid Stuff.” To activate this trait, you need to select it at the start of the game. Once you’ve made this choice, proceed to the “Residential District” within New Atlantis.

Upon arrival, enter your parent’s house and initiate a conversation with your dad. During this interaction, your dad will impart a recipe for “Meatloaf,” a culinary gem passed down from his own father. Following this conversation, you’ll unlock the “Meatloaf” recipe, ready to be employed for cooking in Starfield.

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