How to create a glue farm in Starfield

How to create a glue farm in Starfield

Ah, that elusive glue. Whether it’s  Fallout 4  or  Starfield,  you’ll always need it, but you can never seem to have enough of it. That’s because glue is one of the most important and widely used elements in crafting the massive   open-world RPG Starfield . Firstly, you really need it to make sights, magazines and many other upgrades for your weapons, as well as to protect many spacesuits and even some furniture if you so choose.


In this guide, we’ll focus on how to literally farm glue. We’ll show you how to create an outpost farm that will continually produce a constant supply of glue for you while you enjoy your space travels. There will be no instructions about where and from whom to buy glue on credit, since we have already talked about this. No, sir, we will learn to make our own, purebred, Gagarin glue! Follow the instructions to learn step by step how to start your own glue farm in  Starfield  :

Starfield – How to farm glue

The most economical way to get glue is  to grow it  . It doesn’t take much time or money since you only need a few things to get started. And another fun fact: glue from natural sources weighs less than store-bought glue, so you can carry large quantities of it with you. This way, you can get the glue early enough in the game, which will ensure you have a bunch of it once you progress through the storyline.


First of all, before farming we need to fulfill some pre-conditions:

  • Botany level 1  to build the greenhouse needed for this farm.
  • Suitable planet. Any planet with swamps or deserts, inhabited by freshwater cacti, the main source of simple adhesives, will do. Planet  Gagarin  in Alpha Centauri is a good choice.
  • You’ll need to build  a greenhouse, an extractor, and a wind turbine,  so it’s best to gather some materials first.

How to start growing glue

  • Find  a freshwater cactus  in the swampy areas of Gagarin and scan enough until you reach 100%.
  • Set up an outpost beacon on the same planet where you found the glue, in this case on Gagarin, and create a greenhouse and a water vapor extractor. Connect it to a wind turbine so it receives energy.
  • Now use the outpost links to link all the buildings together. Connect the extractor to the greenhouse and connect the greenhouse to the solid storage module.
  • Once all of this is done, simply go to the screen by the door of the greenhouse so you can set its output in the menu, and  set it to glue  . That’s all. Your greenhouse will now produce glue for you.

And that’s all you need! Whenever you need glue, just go to Gagarin and pour the required amount.


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