How to deal with sliding in Starfield?

How to deal with sliding in Starfield?

Combat sliding in Starfield is definitely not as cool as sliding and unsliding in Call of Duty, but it’s close enough. Mastering the art of combat sliding can give you a tactical advantage, allowing you to dodge attacks while maintaining momentum. Below we will show you how to unlock and use the battle slide.


Star field – how to deal with the slide

To use the Combat Launcher in Starfield, you need to crouch while running. This is done differently depending on whether you are enabled. Here are two ways:

  • Xbox:   Press the left analog button (  LS  ) to start sprinting, then crouch (  B  ).
  • PC: Left Shift  to run and then crouch (  Left CTRL  ).

Keep in mind that this burns oxygen while sprinting, so be careful when using it. Additionally, you need to unlock this ability by investing points into the Gymnastics skill. Without the skill unlocked, you’ll just start sneaking after sprinting.


How to unlock the battle slide in Starfield

To unlock the Battle Descent in Starfield, you need to spend one point on your Gymnastics skill. This will unlock the battle slide and you can use it at any time.

How to deal with sliding in Starfield?

Remember that gymnastics is a level 2 (advanced) skill. Therefore, you will need to add four points to the physical skill tree before it becomes available. As soon as it becomes available, you can put an end to it. Technically, you need five points before you can get a Combat Slide.

Can other skills improve Combat Slide?

Other skills won’t make your combat slide better in Starfield, but they can help it in other ways. For example, investing in fitness will reduce your oxygen consumption, allowing you to run longer before sliding. So if you’re looking for a way to glide longer or faster, you’re out of luck.


Is combat sliding in Starfield the same as in Call of Duty?

Starfield’s combat slide is slower and cannot be cancelled, while Call of Duty’s combat slide is faster and can be cancelled. Combat sliding in Starfield does not consume oxygen, but combat sliding in Call of Duty consumes oxygen. Finally, the Starfield combat slide is more useful for dodging enemy fire, while the Call of Duty combat slide is more useful for quickly closing the distance to an enemy while shooting at them.

There are a lot of differences, and Starfield feels a lot slower and less intense. To be fair, this is an RPG, not a first-person shooter, so Bethesda was targeting an audience that isn’t typically used to fast gliding.

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