How to defeat Expert Viego in the Tournament of Souls (League of Legends)

How to defeat Expert Viego in the Tournament of Souls (League of Legends)

League of Legends has a new metagame called “Tournament of Souls” where you have to fight against different opponents as Samira. You need to defeat ten opponents to win the championship and unlock rewards. Viego is one of the hardest bosses in the Tournament of Souls, but here’s how I managed to defeat him.


How to beat Viego on Expert in the Tournament of Souls

Before you begin the battle with Viego in expert mode, equip your character with the following set of skills:

  • Q-ability :  >Deadshot
  • Ability W : Blade Drain
  • Ability E :  Slam
  • Ability R :  Immortal Inferno

Veigo can be defeated if you cover basic combo attacks. Start the battle with E > Question > B > Question > E > Question > R , ending with your final attack. After the first activation of your ultimate ability, switch your attack combo to Q > E > Question > B > Question > E > Question > R for maximum damage.

Now, after the second ultimate attack, go back to the original combo E > Question > B > Question > E > Question > P . These consecutive ultimate attacks should reduce Veygo’s health significantly. After that, you’ll only need two or three abilities to defeat him and win the round. I suggest using a basic Q and E combo attack .

Here’s a quick rundown of the attack combinations you can use to defeat Viego in Expert Mode:

  • E > Question > B > Question > E > Question > P
  • B > E > Question > B > Question > E > Question > R
  • E > Question > B > Question > E > Question > P
  • Questions and answers

How to defeat the Eye of God Viego on Expert in the Tournament of Souls

At the end of Expert difficulty, you will face the Eye of God Viego, the most difficult opponent of the Tournament of Souls. Here are the abilities you should use to defeat him:

  • Ability Q :  Piercing Precision
  • < strong>Ability W: Blade Drain
  • Ability E : Harsh Strike
  • R Ability :  Chaotic Dawn

Just like in the Vego fight, you will have to use the basic attack combination E > Q > W > Q > E > Q > R to defeat the Eye of God Viego. However, it is not that simple and you will have to keep a few things in mind:

  • Veygo will receive an armor booster when you are about to unlock your first ultimate attack. If you use your power while the armor buff is active, you will deal significantly less damage. Note the armor icon below his health bar and wait for it to disappear before using your ultimate R ability .
  • After some time of fighting, Veygo will reduce your health. purple stripe . At this point, you should focus on dealing heavy damage and using your ultimate R ability to restore health.
  • The challenge is to time your attacks correctly when Veiguo’s God Eye changes its shape. Be sure to use the Q ability when he transforms into Sett , as this power will break his shield. Moreover, towards the end of the fight he changes form to Lux . Use Q again once she gets her shield to break it and end the fight.
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