How to defeat Muksalon in High on Knife?

How to defeat Muksalon in High on Knife?

In the climax of the High on Knife expansion for High on Life, you must defeat Muxalon, a wealthy and corrupt CEO. Honestly, just saying “CEO” would be enough here. In any case, in order to receive the package and complete the search for Knife, you will have to defeat the stupid beast. You’ve come too far to let her stop you now. So, put on your favorite Gatlian and let’s get to work. Here’s how to defeat Muxalon in High on Knife.


Guide to Muksalon in High on Knife

Muksalon is a two-tier boss beast. You’ll first fight her in the Central Hall after she knocks you out after getting inside. She won’t give up without a fight. She will use her many arms to force the workers to shoot at you – so you will constantly be dodging heavy fire. If you’re struggling to get past her massive array of weapons, then read on.

Stay on your tiptoes

Since her dozens of cannons pin you down throughout the fight, you’d better keep moving. You have no choice but to remain mobile while she pummels you with bullets and then with the bodies of her recent victims. The most dangerous of all the attacks that Muxalon can give you is when she holds off about half a dozen of those parasite workers that shoot laser beams.


These enemies will fire laser beams horizontally, but there will be two in each level that will intersect. Your best bet here is to either take the damage if you have armor that you can replenish later, or jump at the right moment and keep flying upward on the jetpack to dodge all the beams in a row.

In every scenario, I jumped, raced, ran, doing everything I could to avoid getting hit. As much as I wanted to shoot her nonstop with my weapon, I had to dodge the shots. Don’t be greedy and stick around to take a few more pictures – otherwise you’ll be punished with a lot of blows from her fired employees.

If her head slides into your line of sight while you’re dodging, shoot! You can’t wait for every break to shoot. And besides, by following the following advice, you can get away with being greedy with your hits. After all, this isn’t Dark Souls.


Keep your armor on!

Luckily, at the beginning of High on Knife we ​​were taught that when killed, parasites lose their armor boost. It worked for the big green guy, and it works here too. Once the second stage is activated, after Muxalon throws you into a pit of mud, things get more serious. To help you escape the pit of death the game throws you into, vermin can be seen lining the walls.

If you shoot and kill them, they will give an armor boost that will completely fill your armor. It’s vital to do this in the second stage, as the arena is very cramped and Mux will bombard you even more with his workers.

Replenishing your armor every time it runs out practically allows you to be nearly invincible in a boss fight, meaning you can be more risky and exposed for longer while dealing damage. If you want the fight to end soon, use parasites.


Have the right tool for the job

Technically, you can win the fight with any of the Gatlians; however, some are better than others. When I defeated Muxalon, I used Sweezy. Her time-stopping abilities combined with her rapid fire rate made her ideal for fights where the boss is constantly moving. I didn’t have to be super precise and kept the Mux where I wanted it for a longer time.

Honestly, the only weapons you shouldn’t be entertaining are the Thing and Gus. Gus’s short range makes him virtually useless in combat, and the Creature’s ammo isn’t really a practical solution to the problem of a creature sliding down walls. Harper and BALL are really the only alternatives to Sweezy here.

While in the goop chamber, don’t be afraid to use Knife’s chainsaw upgrade to break into Muksalon’s head. I tried several times and it didn’t hurt her at all. And even if there was, it’s not enough to register, so it’s not worth it. Just keep shooting about it.

Rip and tear her apart

After you’ve dealt so much damage to a monster, it will vomit some excrement before it retracts into itself, revealing an organ. The artery-vein will appear along with smaller organs. You’ve already been to this rodeo. Use Knife’s chainsaw upgrade to break through the walls. Be sure to hit the smaller organs each time, otherwise the shield around the main organ will not open.

Once you reach the exposed organ, you will be thrown off. Press “E” to plunge the Knife into the organ and destroy it. If you do this every time he appears, Mux’s health will drop and she will complain about the organ you just destroyed.

As long as you keep moving, don’t use Creature or Gus, and kill the parasites for armor in the second stage, you’ll be fine. Once you fight her in the room, she will burst out of the floor and lead you to a private room upstairs. Nayfey will encourage you to use his ability to travel through the gorge to reach the top.

Completing Muksalon in High on Knife mode.

Once Muxalon is defeated, she will go upstairs to a separate room. Using Knife’s chainsaw upgrade ability to climb up, you’ll come across what appears to be Muxalon’s brain. It’s hard to tell what exactly you’re looking at, but you know it’s her because she’s crying out for mercy.

It’s hard to describe what’s in front of us, but some dialogue will follow about how to deal with it. Without further ado, you can walk up to the mouth-like hole in front of the weird egg-brain-shaped thing. Using the Knife, you can drive the chainsaw straight into the disgusting creature, ending Muxalon once and for all. You can pat yourself on the back, you just defeated the High on Knife boss.

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