How To Earn C-Stacks In Payday 3

How To Earn C-Stacks In Payday 3

C-Stacks is an in-game cryptocurrency that can buy many items in Payday 3.

Ways to earn C-Stacks in Payday 3

To accrue C-Stacks in Payday 3, you must successfully complete “Career Challenges” within the game. This means you can accumulate C-Stacks without spending any real money. However, if you have extra funds to spare, you also have the option to purchase them from “Setaggi’s Vendor.”

Career Challenges in Payday 3 have no specific time constraints, aligning with your overall game progress. For each completed Career Challenge, you can expect to earn approximately “715 C-Stacks.” Additionally, mission completions yield immediate cash rewards, contrasting with C-Stacks, which are not instantly granted.

In the game menu, you’ll encounter the C-Stacks tab, featuring a description that defines them as “encrypted currency inside CRIME.NET.” They serve as the game’s “secondary currency.”

The exchange rate for C-Stacks fluctuates based on supply and demand. This aspect carries substantial significance for players engaged in C-Stack transactions. Purchasing numerous C-Stacks can influence the exchange rate, causing it to rise and remain elevated for the remainder of the week.

A prudent strategy is to procure C-Stacks at the beginning of the week when the rate resets. The rate for acquiring 10 C-Stacks may range from $80,000 to $250,000, contingent on market conditions.

How to use C-Stacks

Once you have this currency in your Payday 3 account, you can use it for various Cosmetic Items. For that, you need to head towards the “Vendors Section” located in the main menu. You need to find the item within the menu with the “C-Stacks logo” on the side.

These items can be “weapon presets and gloves/charms,” which you can buy using the Payday 3 C-Stacks. Before purchasing these items, you must be at the appropriate level to unlock them.


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