How to enter the Capitan Caliente restaurant – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

How to enter the Capitan Caliente restaurant - Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

In the quest “Lucretia, My Reflection” in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty, you rescue President Myers from the subway tunnels and take her to the safe. building. She then asks you to contact the FIA ​​agent at the Capitan Caliente restaurant. There are three different ways to enter the building and I have discussed them all below.


Where to find the entrance to the Capitan Caliente restaurant – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

The first way to enter the Capitan Caliente restaurant is to open the main entrance. Sounds simple enough, but you must have Body 19 or Tech Ability 19 attributes to hack the door. Also, be sure to disarm the mines on the other side before entering.

If you haven’t maxed out your character’s stats, there is another easy way to enter the restaurant. On the left side of the building you will find a dumpster as shown in the image. Go to the other side of the dumpster and move it to get into the restaurant by squeezing through the crack in the wall. However, to move an obstacle you must have 14 levels of the Body attribute .

The third method to access the entrance of the Capitan Caliente restaurant requires some extra effort, but does not require any requirements and can be done by anyone. To do this, you need to manually turn off the fuse box to open the door. Just follow the instructions below and use the images:

  1. Go to the other end of the complex and climb the scaffolding to reach the top floor. I marked it with an arrow pointer in the first image.
  2. Go down the balcony and turn right around the corner.
  3. Climb the stairs shown in the picture to reach the roof of the complex.
  4. Turn left and approach the catwalk at the edge of the building.
  5. Walk to the end of the catwalk and turn left.
  6. Go to the indicated fuse box and override it to unlock the entrance to the Capitan Caliente Restaurant.

Where to find an old phone – Lucretia, quest “My Reflection” (Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty)

Once you enter the restaurant, the quest status will update to find the old phone. To find it, enter the room to your right as shown in the first picture. Now scan the scratches under the highlighted shelf and the mission status will update. Approach the shelf, then interact with it to remove the obstacle and reveal an old phone.

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