How to equalize echoes in Alan Wake 2

How to equalize echoes in Alan Wake 2

How to equalize echoes in Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 has things called echoes that allow you to hear excerpts from Alex Casey’s version of the Sam Lake film. But for them to work, you need to perfectly align the two halves of the echo, like the moon eclipsing the sun.


How echo works in Alan Wake 2

The echo appears as a dark circle occupying a small portion of the screen. You will need to follow the dark circle until it starts to glow; The change is fairly easy to see, but it can still be difficult to line it up perfectly. Continue moving the camera, moving forward slowly, and watch the echo to notice any changes in its color.

Once the two parts of the echo are aligned, the sound will begin to play. This is usually a short monologue from Alex Casey, giving some clues to what will happen next in Cold Casey’s story. If you’re having trouble getting the two pieces to line up correctly, it’s best to turn around, step back a little, and then try to line them up again. Or perhaps the other half of the echo may be a little further away from where you expect it to be.

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