How to find all 13 snow globes in Starfield

How to find all 13 snow globes in Starfield

Okay, collectors, listen up. This guide will tell you the locations of all 13 snow globes in the Starfield. In addition to being a fun collectible, after collecting all 13 snow globes in the Starfield, you will immediately receive a set of Old Earth armor in your inventory, which is quite a nice touch. Let’s get to it!


All 13 snow globe locations in Starfield

I’m going to split the Starfield snow globe hunt into  four parts  : Earth Landmarks, NASA Launch Facility, Mars Landmark, and Moon Landmark. There are nine snow globes that can be easily obtained by visiting landmarks on Earth, two snow globes at NASA’s launch facility, one snow globe at a landmark on Mars, and one snow globe at a landmark on the Moon.

Location of the snow globe on Earth

There are ten Earth Landmarks in Starfield   , but I’m excluding one of them, the NASA Launch Complex, because there are two snow globes at the site, so it deserves its own dedicated section.


To make things easier, I highly recommend you  read our guide  on how to unlock all Earth landmarks in Starfield. When you travel to Earth Landmarks, you will be directed to the snow globe location if the Earth Landmark is listed as your active mission. They always rest on some rubble or ground outside the attraction.

Any landmark on Earth, with the exception of the NASA launch complex, can be discovered by  reading a book  . Some books are harder to find than others, such as the one you find in Delgato’s office after completing the Crimson Fleet missions. Again, read our guide to find out where all the books are.

Here’s a quick guide to help you  find all the books  that will give you nine of the 13 snow globes in Starfield:

Reference point Book Where to find the book
London (Shard) Oliver Twist Sinclair’s books in the city of Aquila.
Cairo (Pyramids) Ancient civilizations of Egypt Sinclair’s books in the city of Aquila.
New York (Empire State Building) Our lost heritage UCLA President Abello’s office at the MAST Tower in New Atlantis.
St. Louis (Gateway Arch) The price of fate Penthouse of Astral Lounge owner Benjamin Bayu. Steal the key from him.
China (Shanghai Tower) Fundamentals of modern macroeconomics In a classroom on the second floor aboard the ship orbiting Porimma II.
Hong Kong (International Trade Centre) Maurice’s diary A new owner of a museum-estate has been found on Titan in the solar system.
Dubai (Burj Khalifa) Race to the skies In the VIP lounge of the Siren of the Stars spaceship, which can be accessed through UC Vanguard faction missions.
Osaka (Abeno Harukas) Diary of Kyosuke Nagata Delgato’s office in the Key after completing the Crimson Fleet missions.
Los Angeles (US Bank Tower) Family tree of Hope Ron Hope’s office in Hopetown.

NASA launch facility with two snow globes

The only way to unlock the NASA Launch Facility as a landmark on Earth is to reach  the main mission of the Unearthed campaign  in Starfield. There are two snow globes here.

The first snow globe is inside NASA’s launch complex. When you get to the museum, be sure  to interact with the rover display  to find out the location of the Mars snow globe. After that, continue forward, following the quest marker. Before you enter the room on the left, you will find a snow globe  on a chair against the wall  in the red area outside.

The second snow globe is located further on the object. In the room where you need to plug in the charged battery and flip the switch to open the door and move on, you will find a  very old small computer  right in front of the power point where you need to place the charged battery. Here you will find a snow globe.


Opportunity rover snow globe location

Because you interacted with the rover display at NASA’s Launch Complex Museum, you have the coordinates of the Opportunity rover snow globe. If you missed it, just visit NASA’s launch facility and  interact with the rover’s display  .

Visit the right Martian landmark and  you’ll find a snow globe on the rover.

Snow globe location on the Moon, Apollo landing

Last but not least, the last snow globe is on the Moon, Earth’s satellite. To unlock this point of interest, you need to  go to the Lodge  and go to your personal room. On the nightstand to the left of your bed you will find a book called Sir Livingston’s Second Diary. Read this and you will discover the landmark for the Apollo moon landing.

Approach the Apollo Moon landing site and you  will find a snow globe on the landing gear  .


You now have  a set of Old Earth armor  ! We hope you enjoy visiting all the iconic landmarks and enjoying the Old Earth armor set.

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