How to find and extract Helium-3 (He-3) in Starfield?

How to find and extract Helium-3 (He-3) in Starfield?

Resources will be the basis of many of your projects in  Starfield  . And helium-3 (He-3), once you find it and collect it, can take your  Starfield production dreams and make them a reality.


Helium-3 is an important resource for outpost builders  . Gas allows you to send resources extracted from one planetary body to another  . Of course, this requires more than helium. But it’s what allows all the parts involved to keep moving. Naturally, you’ll want to collect as much helium-3 as possible in  the Starfield  if you want to create and maintain a supply chain.

Where can you find Helium-3

If you need it now, you have two main options.


Collect helium from planets or moons.

Helium-3 is an exceptionally common resource in  Starfield  . This substance is likely found in dozens, if not hundreds, of celestial bodies. When scanning the planet, look for Helium-3/He-3 in the Resources section.

Here are a few locations close to the starting point of the game:

  • Alpha Centauri
    • Kurtz, Jamison’s Moon
    • Kerbeam, Bondar’s moon
    • Grissom, Cooper’s Moon
    • Castle, moon of Olivas
  • Sol
    • Io, moon of Jupiter
    • Callisto, satellite of Jupiter
    • The Moon is the Earth’s satellite

Once you find where to get a resource, land in the appropriate biome that contains it and take out the scanner. Find a Helium-3 deposit, represented by a green layer of earth with “He-3” and “Helium-3” displayed in the UI. Place an outpost and then build a helium extractor. Once turned on, the extractor will slowly draw helium from the ground.

You can also extract helium-3 directly from deposits. But keep in mind that this is  a dangerous  gas, so try not to stick your head in the vent for too long.

Buy Helium-3 from merchants.


You can find Helium-3 for sale at many  Starfield retail stores  . I found a ton at the UCLA distribution center. It can be purchased at most regular stores, but their stock may be random. Waiting 24 hours may update what they have on sale.

What is helium-3 used for in  Starfield  ?

As mentioned, Helium-3 powers the collection of resources in  the Starfield  . It is necessary to charge not only the “Fueled Generator” outpost, but also the Cargo Link – Intersystem. The latter allows you to send resources from one outpost to another and complete supply missions. This is incredibly useful if you need to collect a lot of resources, but don’t want to jump from planet to planet collecting it all.

Helium is also used in the production of weapons. It is needed to create things like the standard laser sight and red dot sight


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